Web Programming

CSC 210, Spring 2014

The Course

CSC 210 is an introduction to the technology, design and science of web programming. The course will introduce students to the base material needed to create and deploy secure, usable database-driven web applications - including topics selected from programming, networking, databases, security, and usability. Specific technologies and languages covered will include HTML, Javascript, Document Object Model (DOM), PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, XML, AJAX, and Flash.

The Book

The book for the course is:
picture of book

I think that the book is quite useful--it has a lot of good examples and tips and is not overly long. Either edition is OK, though the second edition is the one I will be working from. The book will be available from the library and you should be able to get most of the material from your lab partners or the web.

Please email Nat Martin at martin@cs.rochester.edu with questions.

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