CSC 2/454
Programming Language Design and Implementation

Fall 2016

Course Description


Prof. Michael Scott, 715 CSB, x57745, Michael Scott's email address
Office hours by appointment (send e-mail), or stop by any time I’m around.

Grad. TA Ryan Yates, 631 CSB, Ryan Yates's email address
Office hours Wednesday 9–10am and Friday 11am–noon. 

UG TAs (workshop leaders):

Lectures:  Monday and Wednesday, 10:25–11:40am, in Bausch & Lomb 109. 

Workshops:  These are mandatory.  We will sign up for them in class.  You should plan to attend the same workshop every week.  If you have an occasional unavoidable conflict, you can attend a different session, but please don’t hop around on a regular basis. 

Expectations and Policies

Grading Standards


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