DateDOWEventsLecture #Lecture NotesReadingsDue
30-Aug-17Wed 1 Logistics and Database BasicsChapter 1, 2 
04-Sep-17MonLabor Day    
06-Sep-17Wed 2 Database Model and SQL
Notebook:Lecture 2
Chapter 2, 6 
11-Sep-17Mon 3 SQL (part 2)
SQL (part 3)
Notebook:Lecture 2 Recap
Notebook:Lecture 3
Chapter 6, 7 
13-Sep-17Wed 4 SQL (part 4)
Notebook: Lecture 4
Chapter 5, 6, 7 
18-Sep-17Mon 5SQL (Lecture 3and4 Recap)  
20-Sep-17Wed 6SQL (Chapter 7)Chapter 3 and 4 (Entity Relationship) 
25-Sep-17Mon 7ER Diagram (Chapter 3)Chapter 3 (Can Skip: 3.8)
Chapter 4 (Recommended but not required)
27-Sep-17Wed 8ER Diagram (Chapter 3)Chapter 9, 14, 15, 8  
02-Oct-17Mon 9No new slides  
04-Oct-17Wed 10Database Design  
09-Oct-17Mon Fall Recess   
11-Oct-17Wed 11Database Design Part 2Chapter 8 
16-Oct-17Mon 12Database Design Part 3Chapter 8 
18-Oct-17Wed 13Relational Algebara  
23-Oct-17Mon 14Midterm Review  
25-Oct-17Wed MT   
30-Oct-17Mon 15PHP+MySQL
Quiz 6
01-Nov-17Wed 16I/O Model and External Sorting  
06-Nov-17Mon 17I/O Model and Indexing  
08-Nov-17Wed 18No new slides  
13-Nov-17Mon 19Query Optimization  
15-Nov-17Wed 20MongoDB and Query Optimization  
20-Nov-17Mon 21MongoDB demo  
27-Nov-17Mon 22Query Optimization  
29-Nov-17Wed 23Transactions (AD)  
04-Dec-17Mon 24Transactions (CI)/td>  
06-Dec-17Wed 25No new slides
Poster Guidelines
11-Dec-17MonPoster Session 26   
13-Dec-17Wed 27Final Review