Pre-race start at 2010 River Run and Picnic (by M. Guenther)
A view of the Quad (by Marty Guenther)
The quad looking at Rush Rhees Library
ACM Programming Team with coach
ACM Team at Snow Sculpture Event in Harbin China
President Seligman Presents ACM team with URBee
Bridge in Genesee Valley Park (by M. Guenther)
View of campus from Genesee Valley Park
Decades of Ph.D. celebrations
Charlotte Lighthouse on Lake Ontario
About half of the Class of 2011
Cobbs Hill Reservoir
Commencement 2009
Computer Studies Bldg. from the Hajim Quad (by M. Guenther)
Computer Studies Building (by M. Guenther)
Computer Studies Building (by M. Guenther)
Computer Studies Bldg. from Intercampus Drive (N. UzZaman)
Eastman Quad with Rush Rhees Library
Hajim Engineering Quad
Erie Canal Bridge in Genesee Valley Park (by M. Guenther)
Fingerlakes wine region overlooking Canandaigua Lake (by M. Guenther)
Fractal Vegetable - a Romanesque Cauliflower (by M. Guenther)
George Eastman on the Quad
HSEAS Commencement 2012 at Eastman Theater
Image Restoration Team at George Eastman House (by M. Guenther)
Incoming students Fall 2012 (by Marty Guenther)
Quad and the Interfaith Chapel (by N. UzZaman)
Interfaith Chapel from the Elmwood Ave. Bridge over the Genesee River
Ivy covering the entrance to Carol G. Simon Hall (by Marty Guenther)
Lilac Festival at Highland Park
Mount Hope Cemetery in the Fall
New York State Apples at farm market
Pedestrian Bridge over the Genesee River
Advisor and student work on Robocup design
Robot spells out department phone number
ROC HCI Research Group
Rush Rhees Library (by M. Guenther)
Rush Rhees library at dusk (by N. UzZaman)
Rush Rhees library at night (by N. UzZaman)
Senior picture day, class of 2012
Statue of George Eastman on the Quad (by M. Guenther)
Genesee Valley Park river banks (by M. Guenther)
The entrance to Eastman Quadrangle (by Marty Guenther)
Eastman Quad in Autumn (by M. Guenther)
Undergrads at picnic Sept. 2008
UG Council E-Board plans upcoming events (by M. Guenther)
Undergraduate John Hinkel demos his research (by M. Guenther)
URCS Undergraduates Spring 2010
UGs at 2010 Dept Picnic ~Serious~ pose (by M. Guenther)
Computer Science Class of 2010
Ready, Set, Go!
URCS Team at World Finals (by D. Stefankovic)
Spring Tea for URCS Cohort of Women (by M. Guenther)
Campus from Rush Rhees Library (by Naushad UzZaman)
Grapes in Widmer vineyard (by M. Guenther)
Wilson Commons from Rush Rhees Library by N. UzZaman

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