Computer Organization

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Spring 2013



  • Lab 1, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, February 5.
  • Lab 2, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, February 19.
  • Lab 3, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, March 5.
  • Lab 4, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, April 2.
  • Lab 5, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, April 16.
  • Lab 6, Due by 11:59pm, Tuesday, April 30.

Teaching staff

Prof. Chen Ding, 710 CSB, x51373. Office hour 11-12pm or by appointment (send e-mail).
Grad TAs: Qing Guo and Hao Luo.  Office hours are: (out-of-office-hour visit requires email appointment in advance)
    Hao Luo    (    5-6pm,    Tuesday,  CSB 617
    Qing Guo  (   5-6pm,    Wednesday,   CSB 632
Workshop Leaders:   Willie Reed and Emily Eisenburg

Project sessions

In the week before the one in which a lab is due, there will be two recitation sessions on Monday and Thursday at 5 to 6pm in 703.  The project sessions are led by Qing Guo and Hao Luo with the help from the two workshop leaders.  Since the material overlaps, you are adviced to come to one of the recitation sessions each week.


In the other weeks, there will be two workshops run by Willie Reed and Emily Eisenburg.  The days, Mondays and Thursdays, and the location, CSB 703, are the same as the project sessions, but  the time is two hours later, 7pm to 8pm.

Lectures:  Tuesday and Thursday, 9:40 to 10:55 a.m., in CSB 601.

Lecture notes will be posted after each class.
Readings refer to the chapter number(s) in the textbook.

Date Lecture notes Readings
Jan 17, Thursday Overview 1
Jan 22, Tuesday Bits, Bytes, Ints 2.1-2
Jan 24, Thursday Int Arithmetric and Floating Point 2.3-4
Jan 29, Tuesday Ruby object encoding notes by Jacob Brock
Jan 31, Thursday Machine Prog: Basics 3.1-5, 3.13.1-3
Feb 5, Tuesday Machine Prog: Control 3.6, 3.13.4
Feb 7, Thursday Machine Prog: Procedures 3.7
Feb 12, Tuesday Machine Prog: Proc (cont'd) 3.8-9
Feb 14, Thursday Machine Prog: Data, Advanced 3.10-12, 3.13.5, 3.14-15
Feb 19, Tuesday Evolution of Comp. Arch. slides
Feb 21, Thursday Mach. / Prog. Balance slides
Feb 26, Tuesday Memory Hierarchy (Qing) 6.1-3
Feb 28, Thursday Cache and Performance (Hao) 6.4-7
Mar 5, Tuesday Intro to locality theory slides
March 7, Thursday mid-term exam (chapters 1-6)  
March 19, Tuesday Safe Parallel Programming (Gernhardt) slides
March 21, Thursday Linking, Static/Dynamic Libraries 7
March 26, Tuesday Processes 8.1-4
March 28, Thursday Processes (cont'd) 8.1-4
April 2, Tuesday Signal, Shell 8.5-8
April 4, Thursday Signal, Shell (cont'd) 8.5-8
April 9, Tuesday VM: Concepts 9.1-6
April 11, Thursday VM: Systems (board photos on slides 2 and 9) 9.7-8
April 16, Tuesday Dynamic Allocation: Basics 9.9
April 18, Thursday Dynamic Allocation: Advanced 9.10-12
April 23, Tuesday I/O 10
April 25, Thursday Networking 11
April 30, Tuesday Threading and synchronization 12
May 2, Thursday Review and exam practice  
May 9, Thursday 4pm Final exam (chapters 7-12)  


Course Description

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