Disk Space Policies


CS Department policies for disk space usage.

Your home directory is where your course work, email, etc belong. Typically there are several users that share a filesystem for their home directories. On the research network there are no quotas for home directories. If the space fills up, work it out with those you share the filesystem with. If the out of space problem becomes chronic, contact the staff and we will look into moving 1 or more users to an alternative space. Your home directory is for files related to your work in CS. You should not import your life history of email, your music and movie collection, etc. If you need to maintain an unusually large home directory, your advisor should contact the staff with justification.

If you need temporary space there are several options. Each machine has space on /tmp. The space on /tmp is for short term use only and is cleared out on a regular basis. /tmp is local to each workstation. If you need something slightly more long term, the /scratch filesystem is available. This is space available on the server and thus is shared  and visible across all workstations. It is also shared amongst all users, so 1 user can chew up all the space, preventing other users from working. /scratch is automatically cleared on the 1st of every month. Even more long term is /localdisk. /localdisk is as the name implies local to each machine. Most of the linux workstation in the department have a /localdisk partition. This space is not automatically cleared on a regular basis. However, /localdisk is not guaranteed to persist across Linux upgrades or other system changes. None of these spaces are part of the department tape backup system. You should not put anything critical  which you can't recreate easily or don't have a backup copy into one of these spaces.

If you have a more long term need for permanent storage for a research project, your advisor should contact the staff to have a "/p" partition created for you. Project space is created on the server and is available across the department network. The space may or may not be backed up depending on the project sponsors wishes. If you are seeking a /p partition, please provide the staff with a project name. Please also let the staff know your preferences for backups. There are 3 options for backups - daily, weekly or none. Data that changes frequently should be be backed up daily. Data that changes infrequently should be backed up weekly. If the data is easily recreated, consider not having the data backed up. If multiple users are sharing files in a /p project directory, it may be useful to have a unix group created. See Unix group management and file sharing for additional information. /p project directories should only be used for that specific project (ie. it should not be an extension of your home directory or a place to dump miscellaneous cruft).