Schedule Meeting/Class Room


Brief instructions on scheduling a room for a meeting or class.

Scheduling for Classes

If you need to schedule a room for a class you should contact Marty Guenther. Marty can assist with scheduling classes in CS department classrooms as well as University classrooms.

Scheduling for Meetings

If you need to schedule a room for a meeting you should contact Pat Mitchell (in her absence you should contact Melissa Singkhamsack). Requests for meeting room space should be done via email (mail:// Requests should include date, time, how many participants, desired room and whether it is a one time or recurring meeting.

Computer Science Controlled Rooms

The following rooms are owned/scheduled by the Computer Science Department
CSB 703
CSB 632
CSB 601
CSB 727 - meeting area
Hylan 301 - Undergraduate Lab

Non-Computer Science Rooms

Users may view available rooms on campus via the website and selecting "Browse - Browse for Facilities". For assistance in  scheduling one of these room you should contact Marty Guenther ( or Pat Mitchell (