WCMS: Add a new term Instructor Page Link on the Master Course Listing in WCMS


How to add a link to a newly created instructor page folder in the filesystem for the new term.
For example we are going to be placing instructor info and syllabus info for Fall2016 for course 257 in http://www.cs.rochester.edu/courses/257/Fall2016 and we want a Fall2016 link to show in the WCMS master course list for Fall2016 for course 257.

Add a link to the latest instructor page directory in the
filesystem on the master course list instructors link in the WCMS
(These instructions assume there is already a folder for the course in
WCMS already [previously taught])


Example for adding Fall2016 link for CS257

Login to Cascade for WCMS
Click courses/257
SystemName: Fall2016
Link: http://www.cs.rochester.edu/courses/257/fall2016
(note that the link folder in the filesystem is setup manually in the shell
by staff)

click courses/257/index
click courses/index