Hemaspaandra wins Curtis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The University of Rochester has announced that CS Professor Lane A. Hemaspaandra has received the 2012 Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.  Lane received strong nomination letters from his students from his decades of teaching undergraduates, especially in CSC 200, the Undergraduate Problem Seminar.

One student wrote, "Lane possesses the trifecta of qualities that make an excellent teacher, namely the ability to explain material clearly, a broad and deep understanding of the material leading to very precise exposition, and an engaging style that establishes a strong rapport with his students."

Other students remarked that he challenged them to step beyond their perceived limits of capability, that he took them seriously as young researchers, and that he was the only professor known to give a quiz on course material at the diploma ceremony at commencement.  

We congratulate Lane for this well-deserved honor.  The students await his return from sabbatical in 2012-2013 to have opportunities to study with him again!