CSC254 Hg Repository Setup

Before you start, make sure that you have an account on cycle1.csug.

Create a local directory

In this example we use directory 254_repos.  The sequence of commands needed are
     mkdir cs254_repos
   cd cs254_repos
   hg init

Create the file cs254_repos/.hg/hgrc and add the following lines into this file:
   default = ssh://
   default-push = ssh://
   username = First Last <your_email>
   ssh = ssh -l your_user_name

Run hg pull to download the entire repository which will be stored in cs254_repos/.hg. (There might be some warnings about untrusting. Please ignore them.) Then hg update to check out the files from your local repository to the local directory.

Inspect your local repository using a web browser

Run 'hg serve &' (in any directory inside cs254_repos) and then open the following url http://localhost:8000/hg