AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium on Intentions in Intelligent Systems

Stanford University

March 26-28, 2007

Call for Participation


Intentions, in the sense of agents having specific purposes in mind when they do things, have long played a central and organizing role in the analysis of intelligent behavior. The AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium on Intentions in Intelligent Systems will focus on the role of intentions in implemented (or reasonably foreseeable) AI systems. We are primarily interested in practical, realistic systems that perform tasks intelligently. The symposium is not intended to be a forum for airing abstract philosophical theories of intention or purely mathematical formalisms for representing intention. Rather the emphasis on ``systems'' in the title is intended to focus on the role of intentions in intelligent systems. The goal of the symposium is to bring together key researchers from the different AI traditions to investigate intelligent systems and system behaviors based on or derived from an intentional model.



The symposium will follow the standard format. Papers will be accepted in either a long or short format. Presentations will be structured to minimize from-the-podium delivery and maximize interaction. One idea that we are considering is to use group exercises to stimulate discussion and encourage contribution throughout the two-and-a-half days. We hope to to recruit at least one keynote speaker to provide a different perspective. Suggestions from potential participants are welcome on these or any other aspect of the symposium.

Submission Guidelines

Papers should be prepared using the two-column AAAI conference paper format. Long papers should be at most six pages; short papers at most two pages. Papers must be submitted electronically via the symposium website. More details on manuscript preparation are available at the AAAI Press Author Instructions page.


Symposium website:

Symposium organizer: George Ferguson <ferguson at cs dot rochester dot edu>

Organizing Committee