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CS255/455 Spring 2008 Questions and Answers

This page is intended for anyone to post questions and everyone to answer them. Please insert questions at the beginning and separate each question with a horizontal rule separator. For other formatting instructions read the answer to this question.

Q: For the scanf function, are the temporary variable statements that we need to move those that have the variables on the right hand side (instead of the left hand side as in the printf)?


CONFLICT version 19:
 Q: I am trying to build a list of statements linked through NEXT CHAIN, but I cannot get it to work. Any ideas about how this process actually works ? In the excerpt below I just call apend_to_statement_list for my two statements. By append's source code, a new statement list should be built bellow mylist if mylist is initially NULL. This partly works, i.e. if I print mylist I can see stmt1 and stmt, but it keeps saying I cannot retrieve them using NEXT CHAIN...
tree mylist = NULL;
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