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CS255/455 Spring 2009 Discussion Board

Last year's discussion page was a success for people to discuss and share the project experience, especially their experience with GCC. So this year, we are going to continue with the discussion tradition. This page is intended for anyone to post questions and everyone to answer them. Please insert questions at the beginning and separate each question with a horizontal rule separator. For other formatting instructions read the answer to this question.

Q: In the intermediate language, can we assume that in an OpExpr, the operands are always either VarAcc or Const, i.e. expressions are not arbitrarily nested?

A: Based on the form of gimplified statements, yes, you can make that assumption to simplify your implementation.

  Q: How do you convert an int back into an INTEGER_CST? I couldn't find any reference in the documentation.

A: Try build_int_cst, which is in tree.c

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