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CSC 290A, Spring 2009: Wiki-related Hints

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  • TWiki Welcome Page: The department TWiki welcome page contains instructions and examples on how to create new pages and other basic operations . Follow its links !
  • TWiki Formatting Rules: for simple instructions on wiki formatting
  • TWiki Access Control: contains information specifically on how to set up access control for your topics. For the assignments in our class, we want the instructor, the TA, and the assignment author to have read/write/move access, so you should set the following:
  • It would be nice if you could upload your source code with html-like syntax highlighting. We haven't managed to get javascript to run on wiki (which would do it automatically on our behalf), so we suggest you take a look at the Code2HTML converter.
  • Useful little one liners:
    • prepend an exclamation mark ! to a wiki-word, to have it appear as a regular word
    • surround your "appear as fixed font" text with the equal sign (like this: = this = produces this).
    • surround your "appear verbatim" text with the verbatim tags, as in the following example:
       <verbatim> text goes in here </verbatim> 
  • You can valid html to TWIKI, but TWiki links are very convenient. In all, formatting shouldn't be hard, as soon as you get used to it, you will find Raw Edit to be the most convenient.
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  • You can add valid html to TWiki, but TWiki syntax is very convenient. In all, formatting shouldn't be hard - as soon as you get used to it you will find Raw Edit to be the most convenient.
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