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Meeting Agendas


28 March 2006

Budget status
Updates/old business
AV installations

The installation in 703 is nearing completion, and 601 will be done over the summer. We hope to have 632 done next year.

Mail Server

The new mail server is running in a test environment, and the lab staff are using it day to day. Total roll-out is pending a fix for a problem between a particular email client and the new IMAP server. The new system includes much improved spam filtering (including end user feedback).


public scanner has been installed in the software lab


A new Sun T1000 machine has arrived in the department, and is now up and running. The new machine (niagara1) is 8 cores, with 4 threads each, running at 1GHz.

New business

Lab Cleanup

There are a couple items left over from the recent reorganization in room 727 (lab benches) that we found a home for.

Cycle Servers

We're looking to upgrade the cycle servers, and likely restrict external ssh access to those machines. This will make administration (particularly for security) much simpler.

World Captiols

There are funds in the budget to upgrade a large portion of the workstations (the 50-60 machines named after world capitols). We're looking for feedback about which machines (or which aspects of them -- e.g., monitors) should be addressed.


The shared space in /usr/grads has fallen into disuse/disarray, and so we need update the policies and storage space.

VR Lab

The use of VR lab space after the summer has not been finalized, and will depend in part on a new faculty hire. Of particular note is the hydraulic motion platform, which is both massive and complex.


10 Aug 2005

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