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March Mustache Madness 2007

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 Maybe that's why he was first on the list of people I called when things went sour. Four dead bodies in the cooler at the city morgue, all with no known relatives or next-of-kin. 2 men, 2 women, with no connections aside from the killer's calling card: a fake plastic mustache on the curled lips of the dead.

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Maybe. It's hard to harbor suspicions against a man like the man with the mustache. Hard when that mustache is but a memory from the last time you saw him, reluctantly fading with time; yet more difficult when his voice on the phone calls up some forgotten detail of that silky cascade; and damn near impossible when he is standing in front of you, the lovely mustache burning an image onto your retina as if it had been heated to 3,000 degrees and pressed directly against your eye. To what serves such mortal beauty, if not Good? But I digress. The philosophers were wise when they wrote that the mustache itself is neither good nor evil, no matter how finely nature and craft had conspired to produce it. The mustache is only a tool which can be wielded by either side. And it was my job to figure out just which side the man with the mustache was on.

-- MattPost - 02 Feb 2007

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