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March Mustache Madness 2007

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 side the man with the mustache was on.

-- MattPost - 02 Feb 2007 \ No newline at end of file

Our paths crossed once previously about a decade ago, when he was defending his dissertation. I had just entered then as a graduate student, and it was at his dissertation defense that I first saw that mustache. Throughout the entire duration of the talk, my gaze was transfixed at the rhythmic movement of those strands of hair on his upper lip as he defended his graduate work on certain aspects of Marcel Duchamp's Mona Lisa. That was the last I or anyone who knew him had heard about or seen him. Yes. Until I saw that unmistakable mustache again on a figure in an overcoat and hat scurrying around the corner today.

-- RahulKrishna - 08 Feb 2007

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