TWiki User Reports

This page contains user reports you can use in TWiki application. Create appealing TWiki applications in a no time!

Reports are of format %USERREPORT{ action="..." ... }%, where the action determines the kind of report. Each report supports additional parameters.

Action: user_list

Show a simple list of registered users. The output is a comma-space delimited sorted list of WikiWords of users (without web prefix), which can be used as input for other reports on this page.

  • Action "user_list": Show a list of users as comma-space delimited list of WikiWords.
    • Parameter search: Apply filter by searching all form fields, but not the main topic text. Optional; all users are returned if missing.
    • Parameter limit: Limits the number of users returned. Optional; all users are returned if missing.
    • Parameter sort: Sort the result by the topic name, topic creation date, last modified date, last editor, or named field of TWikiForms. For details see sort parameter of SEARCH.
    • Parameter reverse: Reverse the direction of the search result

This report also sets a "UserReports_users" variable to the number of users found. To retrieve, write %GET{UserReports_users}%.

  • Set limit = 100