JESS Documents.

There is a fairly thorough JESS tutorial located here (created by Barnum, edited/updated by Ferraro). I would suggest starting with that.

Then, I would suggest looking at the quick JESS tutorial here, which gives some more solid, concrete examples, either in PPT version or in PDF version.

To get right to some examples (specifically quagents and DrunkenMasterII), in whatever directory you're working in:

> cp -r /u/cs242/jess_demo .
> setenv CLASSPATH ${PWD}:/u/cs242/jess
> /usr/staff/bin/java jess.Main DrunkenMasterII.clp

If you want to read more about Quagents and Jess, click here.

For those who have mastered the basics or would just like to know more about JESS, view the Jess manual at for a complete more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know reference.

Although this information is repeated in the first tutorial listed above, it is very important! Thus they are presented again.

To run the JESS with a file attached, run JESS with the file name passed as an argument. A JESS file has the extension .clp. For the file myJessProgram.clp located in your working directory:
> setenv CLASSPATH ${PWD}:/u/cs242/jess
> /usr/staff/bin/java jess.Main myJessProgram.clp

If you change directories, you should run the setenv command again
Running with quagents is simple; just load the Quake environment before loading JESS.