WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports

Appendix - WFDF World Records

Copyright (c) 1994, WFDF

Last Change: 20 Jul 1994

Ground Rules

Individual Events:
In order to receive sanction as an official record, the performance must take place under WFDF competitive format at a meet which is sanctioned by WFDF or a national member association. The information about a new record must be sent to the WFDF board as soon as possible. This must be done on a World Record report form, which must be completely filled out and accompanied by evidence that the tournament was properly organized and sanctioned.
Special Notes:
The throw must be made over level ground. No noticeable degree of slope is acceptable. There is no restriction on wind level for the outdoor record. Measure to the nearest centimeter.
Three watches must record the event with the median of the three times being used as the official result. Ground must be level. Time to hundredths of a second.
The target and field must meet WFDF standards.
Children's, Canine, Mini and All Others Listed Under "Other Records":
Attempts on these records may be made outside of normal competition, but must conform to competitive standards for field layout and measuring. Number of attempts for distance, MTA and TRC should be limited to two sets of five within a 15 minute period. If there is doubt about the rules, it is recommended that the strictest interpretation be adopted. For any attempt, expert officiating by impartial witnesses is desirable.
Guts Speed Catch:
A professional model Frisbee disc must be delivered and caught behind the respective foul line on a regulation guts court (14 m apart). The catch must be clean: caught cleanly in one hand with no bobbling or trapping against body. The speed must be electronically timed by a radar device operated by qualified personnel.
Marathon Ultimate or Guts:
Play must be held under official WFDF rules with normal halftimes or time-outs and 10 minutes between each "game." Unlimited substitution is allowed with a maximum of 15 players per ultimate team and seven per guts team.
Group Records:
Discs used in all of the following records must meet vintage class specification (see section 804.08[A]).
(A) Group Marathon:
An unlimited number of participants is allowed. At least two players must be playing at any time, at a distance of at least 14 m. No more than 30 seconds may pass without an exchange.
(B) Two-person Marathon:
Play must be from at least 14 m. No more than 30 seconds may pass without an exchange during the attempt. Five minute rest intervals are permitted, but only after each completed hour. These rest breaks are optional and may be accumulated (for example, 3 hours of activity earns 15 minutes of rest time, etc.). Violation of the rest interval rules will disqualify an attempt. The accepted record will be the gross time (total elapsed time, including rest intervals, from start to finish). However, unused accumulated rest break time cannot be added to the final figure. In the very nature of record-breaking, the duration of "marathons" will tend to be pushed to greater and greater extremes. It should be stressed that marathon attempts are not without possible dangers. Those responsible for marathon events would be well counseled to seek medical advice before, and surveillance during, marathons which involve extended periods with little or no sleep.
(C) 24 Hour Pair Distance:
The playing field is determined by two parallel lines which are to be at least 10 m apart. Any greater separation may be used and altered during the attempt, if accurate documentation is maintained. The distance between the lines is to be added to the total distance covered each time the disc is transfered from a player holding the disc while standing behind a foul line to being held by a player standing behind the opposite foul line. The disc may be moved in any way including being carried from behind one line to behind the other. Short throws must be picked up and carried behind the line to get credit for the distance. Overthrows may be thrown back from well behind the line but credit is only given for the distance between the lines on each transfer. Time begins with the release of the first throw and final measurement should be made to the point at which the disc is held or flying at the end of 24 hours. If a disc is replaced it must enter play at the exact point the previous disc was removed. Players may take breaks as desired.
(D) 24 Hour Group Distance:
An unlimited number of players may participate. Only four players may perform at any given time. To insure comparability of all attempts, play must take place on an official group distance field with the minimum side length being 10 m.
24 Hour Group Distance Field
Players are stationed A,B,C, and D with the disc being thrown either A-B-C-D or the reverse. For a lap to be completed, the disc must be held by a player standing in each of the corner sites extended. If a throw is errant, it must be retrieved, taken to the site, and thrown to the next site. A lap judge must constantly be present to log players and record laps. Time begins with the release of the first throw and final measurement should be made to the point at which the disc is held or flying at the end of 24 hours. If a disc is replaced it must enter play at the exact point the previous disc was removed.
Documentation and Verification:
No particular form is required, and no entry fee is payable. In any case, the burden of proof rests with the claimant. No claim that is insufficiently documented can be accepted as accurate.

Claimants should obtain independent corroboration in the form of local or national newspaper, radio or TV coverage. Newspaper clippings must be annotated with the name of the newspaper, its place of publication, and the date of issue in which the article appeared. When possible, the name of the reporter and black-and-white and/or color action photograph should also be supplied. Video tapes should not be sent, but held in reserve in the event further documentation is requested.

Claimants should send signed authentication by independent, impartial adult witnesses or representative of organizations of standing in their community. Where applicable, a signed document showing ratification by a governing body should be supplied (see above). A claim is naturally enhanced by a witness with a high degree of expertise in the area of endeavor.

Signed log books should show there has been unremitting surveillance in the case of endurance events. These log books must include, in chronological order, the times of the activity and the times and durations of all rest breaks taken. The log books must be legible and readily decipherable. They must include signatures of witnesses with times of entering and leaving (at least two independent witnesses must be on hand at all times). Where applicable, scoresheets must be kept to demonstrate a satisfactory rate of play.

All submissions become the property of WFDF. WFDF will consider, but not guarantee, the return of material, only if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is supplied with sufficient postage.

Special Note:
The WFDF serves as a clearing house for all flying disc records for Guinness Superlatives Ltd. Prior to the printing of each edition, existing records for the various categories are forwarded to the Guinness offices for inclusion. They reserve the right, however, to print those records they feel best suited for publication.

World Records


Outdoor Distance:
Men: 197.38 m Niclas Bergehamn (SWE), 8/11/93, Linkoping, SWE
Women: 130.09 m Amy Bekken (USA), 6/25/90, La Habra, CA
Men (+55): 101.32 m Ron Widel (USA), 7/29/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Men (45-54): 136.30 m Tom Gleason (USA), 7/26/93, San Diego, CA
Men (35-44): 159.76 m Merle Witvoet (USA), 6/29/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Women (35-44): 110.70 m Bethany Porter (USA), 7/26/93, San Diego, CA
Boys (Under 15): 178.90 m Mathias Franzen (SWE), 8/5/92, Stockholm, SWE
Girls (Under 13): 123.04 m Mary Uhlarik (USA), 5/30/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 12): 97.15 m Kane Pountney (AUST), 6/4/89, W. AUSTRALIA
Girls (Under 12): 97.74 m Mary Uhlarik (USA), 5/18/91, La Mirada, CA
Girls (Under 11): 70.24 m Mary Uhlarik (USA), 6/26/89, La Habra, CA
Boys (Under 10): 69.66 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 6/28/87, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 8): 51.54 m Scott Killian (USA), 6/30/88, La Habra, CA
Boys (Under 7): 43.89 m Travis White (USA), 12/18/93, Sacramento,CA
Boys (Under 6): 43.23 m Makoto Oshima (JPN), 9/5/93, Tokyo, JPN
Boys (Under 5): 27.82 m Makoto Oshima (JPN), 4/26/92, Tokyo, JPN
Boys (Under 4): 27.66 m Makoto Oshima (JPN), 10/13/91, Tokyo, JPN
Boys (Under 3): 23.21 m Makoto Oshima (JPN), 8/13/90, Tokyo, JPN
Boys (Under 2): 11.15 m Makoto Oshima (JPN), 8/20/89, Osaka, JPN
Boys (Under 1): 3.16 m Evan Fogle (USA), 4/15/91, Tacoma, WA
Wheelchair Distance:
Class One Men: 59.44 m John Ballsrud (USA), 7/19/80, Minneapolis, MN
Class Two Men: 43.49 m James Connelly (USA), 9/21/85, Winston-Salem, NC
Class Three Men: 91.84 m Antwone Archie (USA), 10/18/86, Winston-Salem,NC
Upside Down Distance:
Men: 125.45 m Jayme Wilson (USA), 10/16/93, Austin, TX
Roller Distance:
Men: 199.86 m Sam Ferrans (USA), 11/1/87, Tokyo, JPN
Gridiron Field Goal Distance:
Men: 133 yd Scott Stokely (USA), 4/25/93, San Marino, CA
Women: 80 yd Tami Pellicane (USA), 10/19/88, Dallas, TX
Gridiron Mini Field Goal Distance:
Men: 45 yd Neal Evenhuis (USA), 5/12/80, Honolulu, HI
Mini Distance:
Men: 91.15 m Craig Mauck (USA), 6/7/80, Amherst, MA
Indoor Distance:
Men: 126.49 m John Blakely (CAN), 7/27/91, Toronto, CAN
Women: 96.27 m Chris O'Cleary (USA), 7/27/91, CAN
Men (45-54): 64.00 m Roy Pledger (USA), 8/22/78, Los Angeles, CA
Boys (Under 17): 77.10 m Scott Zimmerman (USA), 8/23/78, Los Angeles, CA
Basketball Field Goal Distance:
Men: 27.74 m "Crazy John" Brooks (USA), 1/19/89, Hollywood, CA
Mini Indoor Distance:
Men: 45.90 m Craig Mauck (USA), 4/26/81, Cedar Falls, IA
24 Hour Pair Distance:
Men: 592.15 km Conrad Damon & Pete Fust (USA), 4/24&25/93, San Marino, CA
Women: 186.12 km Jo Cahow & Amy Berard (USA), 12/30&31/79, Pasadena, CA
Group Distance:
Men: 688.84 km South Windsor Ultimate Team (USA), 7/8&9/77, Vernon, CT
Boys (Under 17): 646.83 km Golden Eagle Frisbee Team (USA), 6/20&21/80, Murray, KY
Canine Distance:
102.00 m Dave Johnson throwing for Martha Faye (USA), 6/11/78, Wilmette,IL
Maximum Time Aloft

Outdoor MTA:
Men: 16.72 s Don Cain (USA), 5/26/84, Philadelphia, PA
Women: 11.81 s Amy Bekken (USA), 8/1/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Men (+55): 9.85 s Johnny Roberts (USA), 4/16/87, Denver, CO
Men (45-54): 12.02 s Jim Palmeri (USA), 6/24/87, La Mirada, CA
Men (35-44): 14.63 s Jim Herrick (USA), 6/27/90, La Habra, CA
Women (35-44): 10.47 s Chieko Kakimoto (JPN), 7/30/93, San Diego, CA
Boys (Under 19): 14.30 s Niclas Lorentzon (SWE), 7/9/86, Helsingor, DEN
Boys (Under 17): 13.50 s Harri Pellikka (FIN), 6/16/80, Helsinki, FIN
Boys (Under 16): 12.03 s Michel Bigneron (BEL), 5/17/92, Mamur, BEL
Boys (Under 15): 10.64 s Peter Albers (USA), 10/20/89, San Diego, CA
Girls (Under 14): 9.45 s Aimee Reiner (USA), 7/22/92, Ft. Collins, CO
Girls (Under 12): 8.48 s Mary Uhlarik (USA), 5/30/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 11): 10.12 s Derik Ferjo (USA), 3/19/92, Cucamonga, CA
Boys (Under 9): 5.17 s Aaron Peters (USA), 5/30/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 8): 3.89 s Tyler Roddick (USA), 10/21/85, Pasadena, CA
Boys (Under 6): 2.22 s Felix Doetsch (BEL), 1/10/89, Brussels, BEL
Ice (skating) MTA:
Men: 9.47 s Tim Mackey (USA), 2/1/91, St. Coud, MN
Wheelchair MTA:
Class One Men: 5.00 s John Ballsrud (USA), 9/30/83, Orlando, FL
Class Two Men: 1.78 s Elmer Walker (USA), 10/18/86, Winston-Salem, NC
Class Three Men: 2.06 s Antwone Archie (USA), 10/18/86, Winston-Salem,NC
Indoor MTA:
Men: 11.89 s Joe Youngman (USA), 4/26/81, Cedar Falls, IA
Women: 8.50 s Michele Marini (USA), 4/26/81, Cedar Falls, IA
Mini MTA:
Men: 9.79 s Craig Mauck (USA), 6/1/79, Huntsville, AL
Canine MTA:
8.13 s Scott Stokley throwing for Skip (USA), 5/9/93, Concord, CA
Throw, Run & Catch

Outdoor TRC:
Men: 92.64 m Hiroshi Oshima (JPN), 7/20/88, San Francisco, CA
Women: 60.02 m Judy Horowitz (USA), 6/29/85, La Mirada, CA
Men (+55): 39.03 m Ed Headrick (USA), 7/16/88, Rohnert Park, CA
Men (45-54): 66.38 m Tom Gleason (USA), 7/17/93, Rohnert Park, CA
Men (35-44): 85.13 m Cliff Towne (USA), 8/3/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Women (35-44): 36.09 m Beth Verish (USA), 10/25/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 19): 79.40 m Torsten Gorke (GER), 5/20/81, Dortmund, GER
Girls (Under 19): 38.00 m Liselotte Kennerfalk (SWE), 6/3/89, Calmar, SWE
Boys (Under 15): 44.03 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 5/30/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 14): 38.65 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 10/21/91, Pasadena, CA
Girls (Under 13): 34.60 m Mary Uhlarik (USA), 5/30/92, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 12): 36.94 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 10/23/89, Pasadena, CA
Girls (Under 12): 18.62 m Mary Uhlarik (USA), 6/26/90, La Habra, CA
Boys (Under 11): 23.54 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 10/24/88, Pasadena, CA
Boys (Under 9): 17.68 m Tyler Roddick (USA), 10/20/86, Pasadena, CA
Boys (Under 6): 7.95 m Felix Doetsch (BEL), 1/10/89, Brussels, BEL
Ice (skating) TRC:
Men: 49.20 m Tim Mackey (USA), 2/1/91, St. Cloud, MN
Mini TRC
Men: 29.42 m Pete Fust (USA), 1/17/93, Rohnert Park, CA
Indoor TRC:
Men: 64.60 m Mike Wohl (USA), 4/26/81, Cedar Falls, IA
Women: 45.76 m Peggy Stanton (USA), 4/26/81, Cedar Falls, IA

Outdoor Accuracy:
Men: 25/28 Mike Cloyes (USA), 12/14/91, Las Vegas, NV
Women: 18/28 Wende Coates (USA) & Chris O'Cleary (USA), 6/29/88, La Mirada, CA
Men (+55): 16/28 Lu Sueh-Chwu (ROC), 6/27/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Men (45-54): 17/28 Sunny Cade (USA), 8/7/90, Inver Grove Hts., MN
Jim Palmeri (USA), 6/25/91, Santa Cruz, CA
John Tallent (USA), 6/27/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Dan Roddick (USA), 7/15/93, Santa Rosa, CA
Men (35-44): 25/28 Mike Cloyes (USA), 12/14/91, Las Vegas, NV
Women (35-44): 13/28 Patti Kunkle (USA) , 6/25/91, Santa Cruz, CA
Beth Verish (USA), 10/23/93, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 19): 19/28 Kevin Callahan (USA), 7/17/82, Philadelphia, PA
Peter Bos (NETH), 6/22/85, Eindhoven, NETH
Girls (Under 15): 12/28 Mary Uhlarik (USA), 10/23/93, La Mirada, CA
Boys (Under 12): 13/28 Mikko Laakso (FIN), 9/7/80, Helsinki, FIN
Boys (Under 11): 10/28 Alex Pierson (USA), 10/25/93, Del Mar, CA
Boys (Under 9): 5/28 Aaron Peters (USA), 5/30/92, LaMirada, CA
Boys (Under 7): 4/28 Felix Doetsch (BEL), 6/17/90, Paris, FRA
Boys (Under 6): 1/28 Felix Doetsch (BEL), 1/10/89, Brussels, BEL
Wheelchair Accuracy:
Class One Men: 11/28 John Ballsrud (USA), 7/19/80, Minneapolis, MN
Other World Records
Mini Blow Tips: (duration of support by force of breath)
Men: 8.70 s Gregg Hosfeld (USA), 11/25/86, New York, NY
Maximum Discs Aloft: (1 per person)
1,903 Hilton Head Inn (USA), 7/4/88, Hilton Head, SC
Altitude Throw:
Men: 8,825 m Christopher Pizzo (USA), 10/24/81, Mt. Everest, NEPAL
Men: 112 people "Crazy John" Brooks (USA) throwing to Yutaka Harashina (JPN), 4/26/92, Gifu Prefecture, JAPAN
Chest Roll:
17 players World Jr. Championships (USA), 10/5/91, Orlando, FL
Consecutive Chest Rolls
Men: 94 William Tulin (USA), 8/24/91, San Francisco, CA
Guts Speed Catch:
Men: 119.14 km/hr Tim Selinske catching Al Bonopane (USA), 8/25/80, San Marino, CA
Two Person Marathon:
Men: 126 hours, 21 minutes John Fischer & Rich Hannah, (USA), 4/5/90-4/10/90, New London, CT
Group Marathon:
Open: 1,198 hours Prince George's Community College Club (USA), 6/1/81-7/21/81, Largo, MD
Under 17: 480 hours, 1 minute Tom & Tina Knisely, Randy & Kenny McNutt, Tom Shirey (USA) 8/13/79- 9/2/79, Canton, OH
Marathon Ultimate:
Open: 43 hours Southampton College (USA), 4/23-25/93, Southampton, NY
Under 17: 19 hours, 30 minutes Varnamo Frisbee Club (SWE), 7/6/78, Varnamo, SWE
Open: 40 players Hampshire College Festival (USA), 10/4/81, Amherst, MA

    National \ World Record (circle one or both)
    Please print or type information clearly
    PLAYER'S NAME______________________________________________________________
    		  first name                            last name
           ____________________________________________    PHONE__-_____________
    SEX____  AGE____  DATE OF BIRTH:  MONTH _______ DAY _____  YEAR ______
    PERFORMANCE_____________________________  DISC USED_________________________
    WEATHER CONDITIONS__________________________________________________________
    LOCATION_________________________________  DATE_____________________________
    ORGANIZING GROUP____________________________________________________________
    ORGANIZER________________________________  PHONE____________________________
    ________________________________	__________________________________
    ORGANIZER	                        PLAYER 
    This form should be completed immediately after the event and sent to
    the appropriate national organization. After national verification,
    the form should be forwarded to WFDF c/o Johan Lindgren, Gnejsvagen
    24, 853 57 Sundsvall, SWEDEN. The information about wind and weather
    conditions is not necessary. However, if the record was made under
    some special circumstances, they should be noted in the comment
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