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Martin Jägersand's Home Page

Update: I graduated in 1997. You can find my PhD thesis on the Perceptual Actions page below. I was a post-doc at Yale University, 98-99, then a short stint at Johns Hopkins University. I'm now a faculty member at the the University of Alberta in beautiful Western Canada.

Martin Jägersand
Computer Science
Univeristy of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0226
FAX:(716) 461-2018

Research interests:

Recent publications

Some cool videos from my demo page:

Visual robot simulator Info and ftp link, on-line demo (only local acess for now). WWW interface by: Lucian , Donna and Amanda.

Locally maintained matlab libraries.

Outdoor adventures

A personal home page with less serious stuff...

My background:

I grew up in a small city Karlstad in the province Värmland , located on the north shore of the big lake Vänern in the middle of Sweden. In Karlstad I studied at Älvkullegymnasiet After high school I went to Chalmers which is located in the city of Gothenburg on the Swedish (Atlantic) west coast.

At Chalmers I studied Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, with special interest in computational physics, numerical analysis/optimization, and machine vision.

Now in Rochester doing work in vision and robotics at UR.

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