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Saliency Maps and Attention Selection in Scale and Spatial Coordinates: An Information Theoretic Approach

Martin Jägersandgif
Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627


Information measures with respect to spatial locations and scales of objects in an image are important to image processing and interpretation. It allows us to focus , saving effort and reducing false positives. In particular, the information content of a man-made scene is typically confined to a small set of scales. We devise a scale space based measure of image information. Kullback contrasts between successive resolution lengths gives the differential information gain. Experiments show that this measure gives a clear indication of characteristic lengths in a variety of real world images and is superior to power spectrum based measurements. Decomposing the expected information gain into spatial coordinates gives us a saliency map for use by an attention selector. Last we combine the scale and spatial decompositions into a single information measure, giving both the spatial extent and scale range of interest. The information measure has an efficient implementation, and thus can be used routinely in early vision processing.