Henry's Computer Science Graduate Program Ranking

This list is based on csrankings.org, with several schools moved to account for cases where csranking.org appeared to be wrong, my grouping into tiers, and my comments on each tier. Order within a tier is not significant. I use this list when recommending graduating schools for my undergraduate students to apply to. The comments refer to applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents. Applications from international students are typically held to a somewhat higher standard. All universities listed have many excellent faculty and graduate students. The purpose of this list is to help students applying to graduate school think of a range of options, and to avoid disappointment that could result from applying to too narrow a range of programs.


Typical successful applicant has:

Carnegie Mellon University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of California - Berkeley

Cornell University

University of Michigan

University of Washington

University of Texas at Austin

Harvard University


Typical successful applicant has:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of California - San Diego

Columbia University

University of Wisconsin - Madison

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

University of Maryland - College Park

Brown University

Rice University

California Institute of Technology

University of Maryland - Baltimore County

University of Southern California

Purdue University

University of California - Los Angeles

University of Massachusetts Amherst

New York University

Rutgers University

Northwestern University

Duke University

Indiana University

University of Chicago

Yale University

Johns Hopkins University


Typical successful applicant has:

Northeastern University

University of California - Irvine

Pennsylvania State University

University of California - Santa Barbara

Stony Brook University

Ohio State University

University of Minnesota

University of California - Davis

Texas A&M University

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina

University of California - Santa Cruz

Oregon State University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Virginia

University of Texas at Dallas

University of Illinois at Chicago

Arizona State University

Virginia Tech

University of Rochester

University of Florida

Washington University in St. Louis

Dartmouth College

Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

University of Iowa

Tufts University

Brandeis University

University of Arizona

Vanderbilt University

Michigan State University


Typical successful applicant has:

University of Utah

SUNY Buffalo

University of California - Riverside

University of Texas at Arlington

Iowa State University

University of Central Florida

George Mason University

Boston University

University of Tennessee

University of Notre Dame

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

University of Pittsburgh

Binghamton University

College of William and Mary

Temple University


George Washington University

University of Nebraska

Colorado School of Mines

University of Connecticut

University of Houston

Florida State University

University of New Mexico

Stevens Institute of Technology

Georgetown University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Drexel University

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Washington State University

Brigham Young University

University of Texas at San Antonio

University of Delaware

University of Kentucky

University of Massachusetts Lowell

University of South Florida

University of Oregon

Case Western Reserve University


Clemson University

Emory University

University of Georgia

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

University of Nevada

Boston College

University of Kansas

Colorado State University

University of Massachusetts Boston

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

New Mexico State University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Boise State University

Tulane University

Kansas State University

Northern Arizona University

Naval Postgraduate School

University of Miami

Queen's University


Auburn University

University of Vermont