Research and Education in Data Science: A Rochester Perspective
CSC 200, 21 Oct 2015.
Unsupervised Alignment of Natural Language Instructions with Video Segments.
Twenty-Eighth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-14), Quebec City, Canada, 2014.
Fungibility of Data and Metadata, or Datamining Twitter, or All is Lost
Panelist for "Your Secret Admirers in the NSA - National Security, Privacy, and Big Data", February 20, 2014. Keynote version.
Introduction the Rochester Big Data Forum 2013
University of Rochester, October 18th, 2013.
Tracking and Predicting the Spread of Disease using Social Media
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, August 12th, 2013.
Workshop on AI for Big Data, 23rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2013), Beijing, China, August 5, 2013. PDF version of slides.
Towards Understanding Global Spread of Disease from Everyday Interpersonal Interactions
23rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2013), Beijing, China, August 8, 2013.
Finding Your Friends and Following Them to Where You Are
Fifth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2012), Seattle, WA, February 8, 2012. Best Paper Award. Re-presented in "Best of Other Conferences" track of IJCAI 2013, Beijing, China, August 6, 2013.
Growing Data Science at University of Rochester
WUN Meeting, Rochester, May 24, 2013.
Toward a Rochester Center for Data Science
Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Dean's Advisory Committee, April 29, 2013.
Tracking and Predicting the Spread of Disease using Social Media
UR Phelps Colloquium, February 2013.
State of the Department 2012
University of Rochester Department of Computer Science, November 2012. Keynote version.
What is Computer Science?
E10X presentation, September 2012.
Modeling Human Behavior at a Large Scale
Keynote: UBICOMP 2012 Workshop on Situation, Active, and Goal Awareness, Pittsburgh, September 2012.
Revisiting the Dream
AAAI 2012 Presidential Address, Toronto, Canada, 2012. Keynote version.
Creating a Corpus for a Conversational Assistant for Everyday Tasks
AAAI 2012 Workshop on Grounded Language Acquisition, Toronto, 2012. Keynote format
State of the Department 2011
University of Rochester Department of Computer Science, November 2011. Keynote format
What is Computer Science?
Presentation for freshman engineering students EAS10X, October 2011
Constraint Propagation for Efficient Inference in Markov Logic
17th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2011), Perugia, Italy, September 2011
SAT and AI: A Tutorial for the 2011 SAT/SMT Summer School
First International SAT/SMT Solver Summer School 2011, MIT, Boston, June 2011.
The Future Will Be Stranger
URCS Graduation, May 2001. Video clips: first, second.
Probabilistic Activity and Plan Recognition
Dagstuhl, April 2010
Event Recognition Using Markov Logic
ObjectVideo Kickoff. AVI file.
Technologies to Improve Quality of Life for People with Cognitive Disabilities
Tenth Annual Coleman Institute Conference (Keynote), Boulder, Colorado, October 2010. Presentation includes video clip of PEAT in Quicktime or Windows Media format.
Recognizing Multi-Agent Activities from GPS Data
IPAM Machine Reasoning Workshop: Mission Focused Representation and Understanding of Complex Real-World Data, UCLA Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, Los Angeles, September 2010. Video clips from presentation: goal-prediction.avi
Where are you going, what are you doing, and who are you doing it with?
University of Texas at Austin, February 2010.
Customizing Directions in an Automated Wayfinding System for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment
Alan L. Liu, Harlan Hile, Gaetano Borriello, Pat A. Brown, Mark Harniss, Henry Kautz, and Kurt Johnson. Assets '09: Proceedings of the 11th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, Pittsburgh, PA, 2009.
Presentation for Abduction MURI workshop
October 31, 2009. Videos: Mac: 1, 2, 3. Windows: 1, 2, 3. Zip file of ppt and videos.
Overview of the Laboratory for Assisted Cognition Environments
January 2009.
State of the Department
University of Rochester Computer Science Seminar, 13 October 2008.
Artificial Intelligence: A Perspective for the 21st Century
September 15, 2008. Presented at the Kurzweilfest at R.I.T. Revised version with material about assisted cognition, for CS108 presentation.
MURI Kickoff: UR
Include these video clips: henry8.mpg and goal-prediction.avi
Personalized Medicine Research at the University of Rochester
May 28, 2008. Video clip of compliance prompting.
The New Age of Commonsense Reasoning
February, 2008. Video clips: henry8.avi error.avi goal-prediction.avi henry8_NEW.wmv. Revised version for CS400 presentation.
Assisted Cognition
Overview talk for CS 200, prepared Sept 2007.
Introduction to the Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Assisted Cognition
Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Assisted Cognition, Rochester, NY, October 12-13, 2007.
Technology to support psychosocial self-management
Autism Speaks Workshop on Technology, Seattle, October, 2007.
Deconstructing Planning as Satisfiability: A Revised Report
Workshop on Search and Logic: Answer Set Programming and SAT (LaSh 2006), Seattle, August 16, 2006.
Deconstructing Planning as Satisfiability
Proceedings of the Twenty-first National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2006), Boston, MA.
Understanding Human Behavior from Sensor Data
Invited Talk, ICAPS-2005 (International Conference on AI Planning and Scheduling), Monterey, CA, June 6-10, 2005. Revised version: Distinguished Lecture, University of British Columbia, March 2006. Here is a revised version focusing more on medical applications. Here is a zip file containing presentation and avi files (large). Here is a newly revised version that includes some information about Kodak Research Laboratories.
Modeling Speech Acts and Joint Intentions in Modal Markov Logic.
Talk to the CALO meeting understanding workshop, 13 February 2006, Seattle, WA..
Creating Dynamic Social Network Models from Sensor Data.
Talk to the UW CSE faculty lunch, January 12, 2005.
What is Assisted Cognition?
DARPA Workshop on Assisted Cognition Technology for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), November 7, 2005, Bethesda, MD.
Project ACCESS
DARPA Workshop on Assisted Cognition Technology for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), November 7, 2005, Bethesda, MD.
Modeling Speech Acts and Joint Intentions in Markov Logic.
August 28, 2005
The Assisted Cognition Project
July 26, 2005
Performing Bayesian Inference by Weighted Model Counting
Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-2005) , Pittsburgh, PA, July 2005.
Heuristics for Fast Exact Model Counting
Eighth International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2005.
Recognizing Human Activity from Sensor Data
Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, February 2005.
Opportunity Knocks: A Community Navigation Aid
ACCESS Symposium, September 2004, University of Washington, Seattle.
Assisted Cognition (Opportunity Knocks)
Perspectives from Technology: A Research Planning Workshop for ETAC (Everyday Technologies for Alzheimer Care).  Philadelphia, PA, July 16, 2004.
Combining Component Caching and Clause Learning for Effective Model Counting
Tian Sang (UW), Fahiem Bacchus (U Toronto), Paul Beame (UW), Henry Kautz (UW), & Toniann Pitassi (U Toronto).  Seventh International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing, Vancouver, Canada, 2004.
Robust Activity Recognition
Cornell University, April 2004; Stanford University, March 2004.
Toward a Universal Inference Engine
Carnegie-Mellon University, March, 2004; Invited talk, the Eighth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, Florida, January 2004.
Opportunity Knocks
Poster for Congressional Demo Session of Technology for Aging, at AAHA Future of Aging Services, Washington, DC, March 15-17, 2004
Ten Challenges Redux
CP-2003, Cork, Ireland, 2003.
Hardness-aware restart policies.
IJCAI-03 Workshop on Stochastic Search, Acapulco, Mexico, 2003.
Plan Recognition
ISAT, March 4-5, 2003.
Assisted Cognition 
Short version for Samsung talk, March 2003.
Assisted Cognition 
UW CSE colloquium for December 4th, 2002.
The Acitivity Compass.
Presented at Gerontechnology 2002, Nov. 2002, Miami, Florida.
Will Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
A short popular overview of artificial intelligence, given before a showing of BladeRunner in the UW Chemistry Dept.'s Science and the Movies series.
Making Sense of Sensors: or, Climbing the Data Interpretation Food Chain.
Presented at Rome Air Force Research Laboratory, August 22, 2002.
Dynamic Restart Policies
Presented at AAAI-02, 2002.
Balance and Filtering in Structured Satisfiable Problems.
Presented at IJCAI-2001, Seattle, WA.
Learning to Search.
Presented at the Workshop on Stochastic Search, IJCAI-2001, Seattle, WA.
Generating Satisfiable Problem Instances.
Presented at AAAI-2000 Austin, Texas.
Five Reasons to be Excited About Artificial Intelligence.
Overview presented to incoming students, Autumn 2001.
Satisfiability and State-Transition Systems: An AI Perspective.
Invited Talk, 17th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE-17), June 17-20, 2000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Compilation of Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
Presented at the DARPA Workshop on Real-time and Dynamic Behavior of Autonomous Negotiating Teams (ANTs), Washington, DC, Sept 1999.
Unifying SAT-based and Graph-based Planning.
Presented at IJCAI-99, Stockholm.
AAAI-99 Tutorial on Advances in Reasoning and Search for Model-Based Autonomous Systems
Scalable Knowledge Representations Systems.
Seminar presented at U. Washington, 1999.
Compute-Intensive Methods in AI: New Opportunities for Reasoning and Search.
Joint talk with Bart Selman.
Creating Models of Real-World Communities with ReferralWeb.
Presented at the 1998 AAAI Workshop on Recommender Systems., and at the 1998 NEC Symposium.
The Role of Domain Specific Knowledge in the Planning as Satisfiability Framework.
Presented at AIPS-98, Pittsburgh, PA.
Compute-Intensive Methods in Artificial Intelligence.
Tutorial given at the Fourteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-97), Providence, RI, 1997. Joint talk with Bart Selman.
The Nature of Experimentation in AI and Computer Science.
Presented at the Workshop on Empirical AI, part of IJCAI-97, Nagoya, Japan. Powerpoint version.
Agent Amplified Communication.
Talk given at the Fifth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW5), Paris, 1996.
Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Applications in Knowledge Representation Research.
Slides from invited talk at ECAI-92.
Efficient Propositional Reasoning .
Lecture notes on satisfiability testing and complexity.
Knowledge Compilation .
Talk on knowledge compilation by Horn approximations.

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