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The NIST Cesium Clock. Picture and other information

Cabot Specialty Fluids. A subsidiary of the Cabot Corporation, which owns the world's richest cesium mine at Bernic Lake Manitoba, CSF produces large amounts of Cesium Formate (5 million pounds per year capacity) for use in drilling muds for ecologically sensitive, high-pressure oil formations.

Cesium Terrorism in Moscow. Radioactive Cesium is used in a terrorist plot of unclear intent.

Cesium as an Atomic Computer. Describes an experiment in which a vapor of Cesium atoms is used to perform optical correlation.

Biologically Significant Radionuclides. Cesium 137 is one of THE most significant.

STM Image Gallery. The fourth image in this gallery is a scanning tunneling micrograph in glorious false color of a molecule of 8 Cesium and 8 iodine atoms the researchers at IBM Almaden assembled (presumably using an atomic force microscope).

Cesium data. Info on Cesium from the on-line periodic table at The University of Sheffield (UK).

Ultrahard Cesium. Researchers have discovered that, under pressure, Cesium hydride is stiffer than diamond.
Unfortunately, the web page has been removed. The relevant scientific article is listed below.
Kouros Ghandehari, Huan Luo, Arthur L. Ruoff, Steven S. Trail and Francis J. DiSalvo, Jr., "High Pressure Phase Transition and Equation of State of Cesium Hydride to 253 GPa", Physical Review Lett., 74, 2264 (1995).

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