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This is the course home page of CSC101: Computer Science Without Programming, Fall 2006.
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Course Description

What is Computer Science all about? Should I be interested in Computer Science as a major? Can I explore Computer Science without having to program? This course offers an overview of computer science as a discipline. The course is built upon three major focuses: (1) fundamental concepts in computer science, including hardware, software, information representation, computer operation, algorithms, compilation, debugging, HTML, WWW, and searching on the Internet; (2) traditional topics in the field, including information security, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, computer systems, and theory of computation; and (3) modern applications of computer science, e.g., bioinformatics, Internet search engines, virtual reality, and electronic commerce. No programming is required. The course has no prerequisite courses, but the students are expected to be able to browse the Internet and edit documents using a word-processor.

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Grading Policy

Here is the grading policy as of September 1, 2006.

The course textbook is George Beekman and Michael J. Quinn, "Computer Confluence," Seventh Edition, Prentice Hall, 2005.

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