Instructions for turning in 
  The turn-in script will recursively copy all files and subdirectories
  of your current directory to a location in the course's account.
  Please avoid running it at your home directory or any other directory
  that contains files irrelevant to the current project. For any
  problems while using it please contact the TA with an email (sending
  the script's output will help).
  You may turn-in your project as many times as you need. However, only
  the MOST RECENT submission will be graded.
  DO NOT FORGET to submit a README file (text or pdf format) with your
  code, and include your name and e-mail address in the README file. Check
  the appropriate assignment web page for information related to the
  contents of the README file.
  * From the undergrad network:
  1) Go to the directory that contains ALL the files that are related 
     to your current project.
  2) Run the script:
  Upon successful completion you will get an output of the form:
  	File Submission completed successfully at: [CURRENT DATE]
  Where CURRENT DATE represents the current date and time.  You will
  also receive through email a message with subject ``Submission
  Notification'', which will contain a listing of all the files you
  submitted along with their last modification date and size.