Sayak Chakraborti, URCS Grad Student(PhD)

About me

Hi,I am Sayak Chakraborti.I am a first year Computer science PhD student.I come from Kolkata,West Bengal,India.Though the location of my state is in the eastern part of India yet it is named West Bengal.I try to be informative about topics I like,but would surely be a patient listner if you could interest me in a conversation.

About my research

My research has been in the area of Phase Change memories like memristors and have mainly used them for logic synthesis.I have used the memristor IMPLY model,memristor threshold logic and crossbars for logic synthesis.Essentially mapping multi-output boolean functions to compatible circuits.Currently I am trying to find ways with which I can continue my research with non-volatile phase change memories for transition from the current Von Neumann architecture to Harvard architecture.But I do have my options open for research generic in fault tolerance and designing in the field of computer architecture.

Links: ITRG miniProposal
BDD based synthesis of boolean functions using Memristors

Sayak Chakraborti

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