Schedule for CSC 573, Fall 1999 (Tentative)

The following is a best guess; no guarantees.

Sept. 8
Intro and organization. Choose topics and presentation dates for lectures. Brainstorm possible projects. Enumerate sources of information. Identify machines to be used for experiments. Intro to Linux kernel by Grigoris Magklis.

Sept. 15
Thanos Papathanasiou. Overview of Linux kernel structure: principal components, data structures and interfaces; source tree and makefiles; configuration and booting. ( Slides)

Sept. 22
Luke Chen. Memory management. ( Slides)

Sept. 29
Eduardo Pinheiro. Process management. ( Slides)

Oct. 6
Shenghuo Zhu. IPC and networking. ( Slides)

Oct. 13
Brandon Sanders. Interrupts and devices. ( Handwritten slides; On-line details)

Oct. 20
Nathan Sprague. File systems. ( Slides)

Oct. 27
Chris Homan. Networking. ( Slides)

Nov. 3
Jeff Hamilton. SMP support. ( Slides)

Nov. 10
Keith Parkins. VM design decisions (wrt NetBSD, Mach, etc.).

Nov. 17
Bo (Frank) Hu. Linux v. NT SMP support. ( Slides)

Nov. 24
no class (Thanksgiving break)

Dec. 1
Alina Beygelzimmer. Alternative scheduling policies. ( Slides)

Dec. 8
Project reports.

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