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[TXT]01-intro22-Feb-2017 21:11 20K 
[TXT]02-coherence_etc22-Feb-2017 21:11 15K 
[TXT]03-concurrency_theory22-Feb-2017 21:11 12K 
[TXT]04-scalable_sync27-Feb-2017 20:24 11K 
[TXT]05-speedup19-Mar-2017 17:18 8.6K 
[TXT]06-read_write07-Mar-2017 13:09 5.8K 
[TXT]07-concurrent_data_structures09-Mar-2017 14:04 6.1K 
[TXT]08-time03-Apr-2017 17:06 12K 
[TXT]09-SDSM04-Apr-2017 14:05 9.5K 
[TXT]10-MapReduce06-Apr-2017 15:03 3.6K 
[   ]11-MPI.pdf25-Feb-2008 14:56 71K 
[TXT]12-consensus06-Jul-2017 22:21 9.5K 
[TXT]13-paxos_raft13-Apr-2017 12:43 14K 
[TXT]14-transactions18-Apr-2017 14:46 8.2K 
[TXT]15-TM25-Apr-2017 15:07 13K 
[   ]2006-03-29_kshen_parallel_IO.pdf30-Mar-2006 09:30 117K 
[TXT]MP_architecture19-Feb-2006 20:40 9.3K 
[TXT]OpenMP27-Feb-2008 14:26 4.6K 
[TXT]SunFire_Regatta09-Apr-2003 15:23 3.4K 
[   ]TM09-Jan-2017 19:06 10K 
[TXT]fault_tolerance23-Apr-2006 14:50 17K 
[TXT]parallelization22-Feb-2017 21:14 7.5K 

This directory contains lecture notes for CSC2/458.  As of January 2017,
the notes are from the last time I taught the course, in spring 2008.
I'll be updating them as the semester progresses.  Check the line at the
top of each file to know how new/old it is.

Please note that these notes are posted on an as-is basis: no guarantees
are made wrt to correctness, or to how well they will correspond to
what's covered in class.