CSC280/480, Spring 2018: Tutorials Page

There are 40 1/2-hour tutorial slots each week. Attendance is required and part of the course grade. The syllabus (together with the info that will go up over the term in the Exercise Sets part of the course home page) will convey what you must bring in/hand in at the tutorials. The first tutorials will be those one 1/22 and 1/23. Each tutorial will typically have 2-3 students in it.

In some weeks there may be no tutorials (for example, there will definitely be no tutorials during Spring Break week or after the last day of classes; and if a midterm is in a given week we might not have tutorials in that week and/or the next one---but any such weeks off from tutorials will be explicitly announced, so unless it is, by default you do have a tutorial; see the syllabus and potentially future BB announcements to keep up to date on this issue).

So... the envelope please! In particular, you will find the final tutorial assignments here.