CSC 173, Fall 2006

Assignment 0: Settling into the Course

Before class on Tuesday, September 6, please

  1. Explore the course web site. If you're reading this on-line, you're probably halfway through that already.
  2. Subscribe to the course forum. Plan to read this forum every day.
  3. Read chapter 1 of the text. (Future reading assignments are listed on the course schedule page, and will not be repeated in assignments.)
  4. Get a csug course account. Further information can be found on the course resources web page.
  5. Log in to your account, both at a console and remotely, and explore. If you need pointers, see the Getting used to your Linux account web page.

There is nothing to hand in for this assignment. It will not count toward your grade. It will, however, make it a lot easier for you to get good grades on everything else.

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Last Change: 11 September 2006