Currently, I am a graduate student at University of Rochester , Department of Computer Science, pursuing PhD degree. My advisor is Prof. Jiebo Luo. Before coming to UR, I got my bachelor degree at University of Science and Technology of China, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science (0806).


My research interests include deep learning, vision & language, image annotation and video analytics.


Computer Vision

  1. Liangliang Cao, Jenhao Hsiao, Palomade Juan, Yuncheng Li, Bart Thomee, "Incremental Learning for Fine-Grained Image Recognition," ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR), New York, June, 2016 to appear
  2. Yuncheng Li, Yale Song, Liangliang Cao, Joel Tetreault, Larry Goldberg, Jiebo Luo, "TGIF: A New Dataset and Benchmark on Animated GIF Description," IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Las Vegas, NV, June 2016. (spotlight) [dataset & code] [Project Page]
  3. Yuncheng Li, Xitong Yang, and Jiebo Luo. "Semantic Video Entity Linking based on Visual Content and Metadata." International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Santiago, Chile, December 2015. [PrePrintPDF] [dataset]
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  5. Yuncheng Li, Jifei Huang, Jiebo Luo. "Using User Generated Online Photos to Estimate and Monitor Air Pollution in Major Cities." International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service. ICIMCS 2015. Best Paper Award [arxiv] [demo & dataset]
  6. Young Chol Song, Henry Kautz, James Allen, Mary Swift, Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo, "A Markov Logic Framework for Recognizing Complex Events from Multimodal Data," 15th ACM ICMI, Sidney, Australia, December 2013. link
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  8. Yuncheng Li, Yin Dong, Xie Cong, Zhang Rong, "Home service robot location based on AdaBoost and Haar-like feature" 1st IEEE ICECC, Ningbo, China, September 2011. link

Social Media Data Mining

  1. Yu Wang, Jiebo Luo, Richard G. Niemi, Yuncheng Li and Tianran Hu, "Catching Fire via 'Likes': Inferring Topic Preferences of TrumFollowers on Twitter." AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), Cologne, Germany, May 2016. arxiv
  2. Yu Wang, Yuncheng Li and Jiebo Luo, "Deciphering the 2016 U.S Presidential Campaign in the Twitter Sphere: A Comparison of the Trumpists and Clintonists." AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), Cologne, Germany, May 2016. arxiv MIT TR
  3. Yu Wang, Yuncheng Li, Richard G. Niemi, and Jiebo Luo, "To Follow or Not to Follow: Analyzing the Growth Patterns of the Trumpists on Twitter." AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), Workshop on Social Media in the Newsroom, Cologne, Germany, May 2016. arxiv
  4. Xitong Yang, Yuncheng Li, and Jiebo Luo. "Pinterest Board Recommendation for Twitter Users." Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM), ACM, 2015. [arxiv]
  5. Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo, and Tao Mei. "Personalized image recommendation for web search engine users." Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2014 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2014 link

Deep Learning

  1. Xiangru Lian, Yijun Huang, Yuncheng Li and Ji Liu. "Asynchronous Parallel Stochastic Gradient for Nonconvex Optimization." Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2015 (spotlight). [arxiv] [code]

Industry Experiences


2015 Spring

CSC 458 Parallel and Distributed Systems Instructor: Sandhya Dwarkadas

2014 Spring

BST 512 Topics in Statistical Inference II: Advanced Bayesian Inference Instructor: Sally Thurston

2013 Fall

CSC 448 Statistical Speech and Language Processing Instructor: Danial Gildea
CSC 466 GPU Parallel Programming using C/C++ Instructor: Tolga Soyata

2013 Spring

CSC 446 Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Instructor: Danial Gildea
CSC 484 Advanced Algorithms Instructor: Danial Stefankovic

2012 Fall

CSC 400 Problem Seminar Instructor: Randal C. Nelson CSC 456 Operating Systems Instructor: Sandhya Dwarkadas CSC 486 Computational Complexity Instructor: Joel I. Seiferas
CAS 085 Academic English Communication and Accent Reduction Course Instructor: Rebecca Allen

Online Courses

Machine Learning Course Link Instructor: Andrew Ng
Convex Optimization I Course Link Instructor: Stephen P. Boyd
Probabilistic Graphical Models Course Link Statement of Accomplishment Instructor: Daphne Koller

Teaching Assistant

2015 Fall

CSC 576 Modern (Computational) Approaches to Big Data Analytics Instructor: Ji Liu

2014 Spring

CSC 246/446 Machine Learning Instructor: Danial Gildea

2013 Fall

CSC 248/448 Statistical Speech and Language Processing Instructor: Danial Gildea

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