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Zhuojia (Chaos) Shen, 沈卓佳

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I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Rochester.

Currently I am working with Prof. John Criswell in RocSec research group, doing systems and security research.

Before joining URCS, I got my Bachelor's degree in School of Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology.


  1. Zhuojia Shen, Jie Zhou, Divya Ojha, and John Criswell.
    POSTER: Restricting Control Flow During Speculative Execution.
    In Proceedings of the 2018 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS'18).
    Toronto, ON, Canada. October 2018.
  2. Xiaowan Dong, Zhuojia Shen, John Criswell, Alan L. Cox, and Sandhya Dwarkadas.
    Shielding Software from Privileged Side-Channel Attacks.
    In Proceedings of the 27th USENIX Security Symposium (Security'18).
    Baltimore, MD. August 2018.
  3. Xiaowan Dong, Zhuojia Shen, John Criswell, Alan Cox, and Sandhya Dwarkadas.
    Spectres, Virtual Ghosts, and Hardware Support.
    In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP'18).
    Los Angeles, CA. June 2018.
  4. Weixing Ji, Qinghui Liu, Guizhen Wang, and Zhuojia Shen.
    Embedding of Hypercube into Cylinder.
    arXiv e-Print 1511.07932.
    November 2015.



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Email: zshen10 (at) cs (dot) rochester (dot) edu

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