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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Curriculum in Computer Science at Rochester

The Department of Computer Science offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Minor degrees. It participates in the University's Bachelors/Masters program, through which a qualifying student in the B.S. program can also earn a Master of Science degree by one additional year of study. Complete information on our undergraduate program appears on our Degree Requirements page.

The B.S. curriculum provides a rigorous background in all core areas of computer science. It is appropriate for students who aspire to achieve a high-level research and development position in the computer industry, who plan to go on to earn an M.S. or PhD. in computer science, or who simply wish to have the broadest and deepest knowledge of the field.

The B.A. curriculum is highly flexible, and can be customized to support students interested in the intersection of computer science with other disciplines, such as computational linguistics or computational biology. The B.A. is good preparation for students aiming for an industrial career or graduate study in a computing-related discipline. Because it has fewer requirements than the B.S., it is also a good option for students who wish to double-major in computer science and another subject, or who wish to specialize in a particular area of computer science.

Please refer to our Degree Requirements for more information.