Other Hardware etc.

There are also lots of monitors, analog signal processing boxes and video recorders, and wires down in the vision lab. All this and many of the cameras, digitizers, and maxvideo equipment are interconnectable via a big patch panel. All this stuff has individual flakiness (where is the synch signal, are you using rgb or composite video, is it a monochrome or color signal). Mostly you have to play around to learn what is what and how it works. One particular problem to watch for is not to split a video signal too many times, i.e. don't send it to more than 2 (or at the very most 3) places. This includes monitors, digitizers, and synch channels. Too many splits, and the signal gets weak, and various devices fail to lock, or produce distorted images.

And if you're interested in playing with robot heads, hands, and arms etc. and doing active vision, come see me and I'll point you at the experts.

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