Programming assignment #2 - Warmup with Linux and QEMU: Adding a System Call

Due by 11:59 p.m., Monday, October 1st, 2018.

Please use the class discussion board (you can find it on your blackboard) as a communication and Q&A tool.  Should you still need to send an e-mail inquiry, address it to the TAs and cc the instructor.

Please see the class blackboard page for details on this assignment.

A Linux kernel reference book would be very helpful. For instance, Chapter 4 of the Linux Kernel Development (second edition) book gives detailed instructions on building a system call. You will definitely also find online help on this.

Administrative policies

You are asked to electronically turn in your source files and a makefile. In order to do so, you will creat a kernel patch for your kernel changes using the provided script. DO NOT PROVIDE THE ENTIRE KERNEL SOURCE. Your README file should be in plain text format. Instructions for electronic turn-in can be found on the class web page.

Late turn-in policy:
Late turn-ins will be accepted for up to three days, with 10% penalty for each late day. No turn-ins more than three days late will be accepted.