Presentation and Summary Guidelines

Class presentations

As a guideline for the presentation of any paper/set of papers, the discussion should include

Please plan on discussing the presentation with me (the instructor) at least one week prior to the presentation in order to provide enough time for feedback. Each presentation will have one class period (75 minutes). Please also provide me with a copy of the presentation so I can post it on the class web page prior to the class presentation (at least the day of).

Presentation evaluations and paper summary

I expect a short summary of each paper/s discussed/presented in class by your fellow students. As a guideline, the summary should consist of (note that not all papers will be amenable to this type of summary):

For each student presentation, I also expect an evaluation from each of you. There are several motivations for this. First, if you have to write a summary, you will read the paper. Second, if you have to write reviews of presentations, you will pay closer attention. Third, if you know that your presentation is being evaluated by your classmates (as well as the instructor), you may try harder to make it engaging. The ability to present material in a manner that informs your audience is an important skill that you will get to practice.

Some guidelines for the evaluation:

Presentation evaluations are intended to be helpful, are not anonymous, and will be returned to the presenter as feedback, so keep in mind that you want to provide constructive criticism.

Both presentation evaluation and paper summary are due by the end of the class the paper was presented in. Please make sure to prepare the summary in advance, but feel free to edit/update it during class. The form is available here if you would like to get a head start before class -

Paper Summary and Presentation Evaluation Form