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Ph.D. Degrees Awarded by the URCS Department of Computer Science

Dates after affiliations represent the latest date the information was confirmed.

Please send updates to jomarie@cs.rochester.edu.


  • Manu Chhabra
    Optimality in Motor Control
    Goldman Sachs, London, UK [April 2008]
  • Piotr Faliszewski
    Manipulations of Elections: Algorithms and Infeasibility Results
    AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland [January 2009]
  • Ashwin Lall
    Streaming Algorithms for Network Flow Data Analysis
    Georgia Institute of Technology [August 2008]
  • Chuanpeng Li
    Operating System Enhancements for Data-Intensive Server Systems
    Bloomberg L.P., NYC [December 2008]
  • Virendra Marathe
    Enhancing the Performance and Usability of Software Transactional Memory
    Sun Microsystems, Burlington MA [September 2008]
  • Christopher Stewart
    Performance Modeling and System Management for Internet Services
    The Ohio State University [September 2009]
  • Hao Zhang
    Handling Complexity of Synchronous Grammars
    Google, Inc. [August 2008]


  • Ellen Campana
    Natural versus Standardized Approaches to Spoken System Design: A Comparison Using the Dual-Task Paradigm
    Arizona State University [July 2007]
  • Shan He
    Lexicon Generalization for Cross Domain Semantic Role Labeling
    Google, Inc Mountain View, CA [June 2009]
  • Proshanto Mukherji
    Discovering Laws as Anomalies in Logical Worlds
    Fish & Richardson Law, Boston, MA [June 2009]
  • Chengliang Zhang
    Behavior Models for Computer Programs
    Microsoft Corp., Seattle, WA [August 2007]
  • Ming Zhong
    Exploiting Object Usage Nonuniformity in Distributed Data Management
    Google, CA [August 2007]


  • Xue Gu
    An Equilibrium Point Based Humanoids Control Model
    Towers Perrin [Sept. 2006]
  • Athanasios Papathanasiou
    Power Efficiency through I/O Access Pattern Reshaping
    Intel Massachusetts (Boston) [April 2006]
  • William N. Scherer III
    Synchronization and Concurrency in User-Level Software Systems
    Rice University [Sept. 2006]
  • Jonathan M. Shaw
    Unifying Perception and Curiosity
    Shaw Technologies, Inc. [Aug. 2006]
  • Xipeng Shen
    Large-Scale Program Behavior Analysis for Adaptation and Parallelization
    College of William and Mary [Sept. 2006]
  • Weilie Yi
    Modeling Sequential Natural Behavior Basesd on Visual Routines
    Microsoft Corporation [Oct. 2006]


  • Nathan J. Blaylock
    Towards Tractable Agent-Based Dialogue
    Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (Pensacola, FL) [June 2009]
  • Matthew R. Boutell
    Exploiting Context for Semantic Scene Classification
    Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech. (Terre Haute, IN) [Aug. 2005]
  • Bo Hu
    Cast Shadows in Augmented Reality Systems
    U. Rochester, Center for Visual Science [May 2006]
  • Grigorios Magklis
    Increasing Energy Efficiency in Adaptive Architectures
    Intel Labs, Barcelona [June 2006]
  • Brandon C.S. Sanders
    A Theory of Quasi-Static Object Discovery
    AboutUs [Aug. 2007]
  • Joel R. Tetreault
    Empirical Evaluations of Pronoun Resolution
    Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ [February 2007]
  • Rahul Tripathi
    Complexity of Concrete Problems and Test Languages
    U. South Florida [Aug. 2005]
  • Yutao Zhong
    Distance-Based Whole-Program Data Locality and Reference Affinity Hierarchy
    George Mason University [Sept. 2005]


  • David D. Ahn
    The Role of Situations and Presuppositions in Restricting Adverbial Quantification
    U. Amsterdam [Aug. 2005]
  • DeQing (Luke) Chen
    Multi-Level Shared State and Application-Specific Coherence Models
    Microsoft [Jan. 2006]
  • Yinhe Cheng
    Computational Approaches to Cancer Diagnosis and Protein Interaction Inference
    IBM Austin Systems Group [June 2006]
  • Myroslava Dzikovska
    A Practical Semantic Representation for Natural Language Parsing
    U. Edinburgh Human Communication Res. Ctr. [Aug. 2006]
  • Tao Li
    Knowledge Discovery from Labeled and Unlabeled Data
    Florida Int'l. U. [May 2005]
  • Umit Rencuzogullari
    Dynamic Resource Management for Parallel Applications in an Autonomous Cluster of Workstations
    VMware (Palo Alto, CA) [March 2005]
  • Nathan R. Sprague
    Learning to Coordinate Visual Behaviors
    Kalamazoo College [May 2005]
  • Chunqiang Tang
    Data Sharing and Information Retrieval in Wide-Area Distributed Systems
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center [July 2007]
  • Kumar Mayur Thakur
    General Tools for Determining Problem Complexity
    U. Missouri---Rolla [June 2006]
  • Chen Yu
    Embodied Language Learning in Humans and Machines
    U. Indiana, Bloomington, Cognitive Sci. Program [May 2005]


  • Rajeev Balasubramonian
    Dynamic Management of Microarchitecture Resources in Future Microprocessors
    U. Utah School of Computing [June 2006]
  • Alina Y. Beygelzimer
    Alternative Notions of Approximation and Space-Bounded Computations
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center [August 2005]
  • Rahul Bhotika
    Scene-Space Methods for Bayesian Inference of 3D Shape and Motion
    GE Global Research (Niskayuna, NY) [Aug. 2007]
  • Melissa Dominguez
    Developing Vision
    McMaster U. (Hamilton, Ontario) [March 2005]
  • Christopher K. Eveland
    Utilizing Visible and Thermal Infrared Video for the Fast Detection and Tracking of Faces
    Equinox Corporation (Baltimore) [Aug. 2007]
  • Lucian Galescu
    Hierarchical Statistical Language Models for Unlimited Vocabularies
    Florida Inst. for Human & Machine Cognition [March 2005]
  • Isaac A. Green
    Experiments in Generic Object Recognition
    College of Charleston (S. Carolina) [June 2006]
  • Christopher M. Homan
    Redundancy: Eliminating It, Exploiting It
    Rochester Inst. of Technology [March 2005]
  • Zuohua Zhang
    Distributed Synchrony
    Fair Isaac Corp. (San Diego) [Aug. 2005]
  • Shenghuo Zhu
    Learning to Cooperate
    NEC Labs America, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) [March 2005]
  • Teresa Zollo
    Detecting and Correcting Speech Recognition Errors during Natural Language Understanding
    SUNY College at Geneseo [August 2003]


  • Donna K. Byron
    Resolving Pronominal Reference to Abstract Entities
    Northeastern University, College of Computer and Information Science [February 2008]
  • Gregory R. Wheeler (Joint Philosophy and CS Ph.D.)
    Non-Monotonicity and Paraconsistency
    Universidade de Nova Lisboa [Febr. 2005]


  • Jessica D. Bayliss
    A Flexible Brain-Computer Interface
    Rochester Inst. of Technology [March 2005]
  • Rodrigo L. Carceroni
    Recovering Non-Rigid 3D Motion, Shape and Reflectance from Multi-View Image Sequences: A Differential Geometric Approach
    Google, CA [July 2008]
  • Andrea (Selinger) Salgian
    Analysis and Applications of Feature-Based Object Recognition
    The College of New Jersey [July 2005]
  • Amit Singhal
    Bayesian Evidence Combination for Region Labeling
    Eastman Kodak Co. [March 2008]
  • Amanda J. Stent
    Dialogue Systems as Conversational Partners: Applying Conversation Acts Theory to Natural Language Generation for Task-Oriented Mixed-Initiative Spoken Dialogue
    SUNY at Stony Brook [Nov. 2005]
  • Michael P. Van Wie
    Role Selection in Teams of Non-Communicating Agents
    Rochester Institute of Technology [August 2002]


  • Mark G. Core
    Dialog Parsing: From Speech Repairs to Speech Acts
    U. Southern Calif. Inst. Creative Technologies [Aug. 2005]
  • Aaron N. Kaplan
    A Computational Model of Belief
    Xerox Research Center Europe [March 2005]
  • Srinivasan Parthasarathy
    Active Data Mining in a Distributed Setting
    Ohio State U., Computer & Inf. Science Dept. [Sept. 2005]
  • Eric K. Ringger
    Correcting Speech Recognition Errors
    Brigham Young U. [June 2006]
  • Amon B. Seagull
    Well-Foundedness and Reliability in Statistical Natural Language Parsing
    Nova Southeastern U. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) [March 2005]


  • Gabriel Istrate
    Phase Transitions in Combinatorial Search Problems: Towards Rigorous Results
    e-Austria Research Institute, Timisoara, Romania [March 2007]
  • Robert J. Stets, Jr.
    Leveraging Symmetric Multiprocessors and System Area Networks in Software Distributed Shared Memory
    Google (Palo Alto, CA) [Nov. 2005]


  • Louis J. Hoebel
    A Practical Temporal Reasoning System
    GE Global Research Center [Aug. 2006]
  • Galen C. Hunt
    Automatic Distributed Partitioning of Component-Based Applications
    Microsoft Corp. [March 2007]
  • Martin Jägersand
    On-Line Estimation of Visual-Motor Models for Robot Control and Visual Simulation
    U. Alberta Dept. of Computing Science [August 2003]
  • Bulent Murtezaoglu
    Uncertain Inference and Learning with Reference Classes
    Yesil Ege Bilisim ve Internet Hizmetleri AS (Turkey)
    and Optimal PC Solutions [Dec 1998]
  • Rajesh P.N. Rao
    Dynamic Appearance-Based Vision
    U. Washington [Aug. 2006]
  • Garbis Salgian
    Tactical Driving using Visual Routines
    David Sarnoff Corp. [Nov. 2005]
  • Choh Man Teng
    Non-Monotonic Inference: Characterization and Combination
    University of West Florida [Nov 2000]
  • James R. Vallino
    Interactive Augmented Reality
    Rochester Institute of Technology [August 2002]
  • Mohammed J. Zaki
    Parallel Data Mining for Rules in Very Large Databases
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [Feb. 2005]


  • Michal J. Cierniak
    Optimizing Programs by Data and Control Transformations
    Google [Aug. 2005]
  • L. Olac Fuentes
    Behavior-Based Dextrous Manipulation: The Virtual Tool Approach
    U. Texas, El Paso CSD [Aug. 2005]
  • Peter A. Heeman
    Speech Repairs, Intonational Boundaries and Discourse Markers: Modeling Speakers' Utterances in Spoken Dialog
    Oregon Graduate Institute [Dec 1999]
  • Jonas Karlsson
    Learning to Solve Multiple Goals
    Xerox Webster Research Center [July 2004]
  • Wagner Meira, Jr.
    Understanding Parallel Program Performance Using Cause-Effect Analysis
    Universidade Federale de Minas Gerais, Brazil [June 2006]
  • Maged M. Michael
    Reducing the Overhead of Sharing on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center [Aug. 2005]
  • Justinian P. Rosca
    Hierarchical Learning with Procedural Abstraction Mechanisms
    Siemens Corporate Research Center [Dec. 2005]



  • Ricardo Bianchini
    Exploiting Bandwidth to Reduce Average Memory Access Time in Scalable Multiprocessors
    Rutgers University CSD [Aug. 2005]
  • George M. Ferguson
    Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Mixed-Initiative Planning
    University of Rochester [August 2005]
  • Boris Goldowsky

  • Ioan Macarie
    Probabilistic Models of Computation
    Vanteon [Nov 2000]
  • Jeff Schneider
    Robot Skill Learning through Intelligent Experimentation
    CMU Robotics Inst. [Jan. 2005]
  • David R. Traum
    A Computational Theory of Grounding in Natural Language Conversation
    U. Southern California Inst. for Creative Technologies [August 2003]
  • Jack E. Veenstra
    Hybrid Cache Coherency Protocols
    Google (CA) [Aug. 2005]


  • Corinna Cortes
    Prediction of Generalization Ability in Learning Machines
    Google (NY) [June 2004]
  • Mark E. Crovella
    Performance Prediction and Tuning of Parallel Programs
    Boston University [July 2003]
  • Virginia R. de Sa
    Unsupervised Classification Learning from Cross-Modal Environmental Structure
    U. Cal., San Diego, Cognitive Science Dept. [April 2005]
  • Yenjo Han
    On Accessing and Hiding Information
    Dasan Networks, Inc. (Seoul) [June 2006]
  • Alice I. Kyburg
    Belief, assertability, and truth: pragmatic and semantic accounts of vagueness
    University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh (Dept. of Philosophy) [Nov. 2007]
  • Massimo Poesio
    Discourse Interpretation and the Scope of Operators
    University of Essex, Dept. of Computer Science [Sept. 2005]
  • Ramprasad Polana
    Temporal Texture and Activity Recognition
    Microstrategy Inc. [Nov. 2005]
  • Raymond D. Rimey
    Control of Selective Perception using Bayes Nets and Decision Theory
    Lockheed Martin Corp. (Littleton, CO) [Aug. 2005]
  • Lambert E. Wixson
    Gaze Selection for Visual Search
    ParentWatch [Sept. 2003]
  • Ju Zhang
    Density Control and On-Line Labeling Problems
    JPMorgan Chase (New York, NY) [March 2004]


  • William J. Bolosky
    Software Coherence in Multiprocessor Memory Systems
    Microsoft Corporation [Oct. 2005]
  • Cezary Dubnicki
    The Effects of Block Size on the Performance of Coherent Caches in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
    NEC Research Inst., Inc., Princeton [July 2003]
  • Evangelos Markatos
    Using Cache (and Memory) Affinity in Scheduling for Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
    FORTH ICS and U. Crete [Aug. 2005]
  • Nathaniel G. Martin
    Applying Statistical Inference to Planning Under Uncertainty
    Xerox Webster Research Center [June 2006]
  • Rajeev Raman
    Eliminating Amortization: On Data Structures with Guaranteed Response Time
    U. Leicester, Dept. of Math. & Computer Science [July 2001]


  • David J. Coombs
    Real-Time Gaze Holding in Binocular Robot Vision
    SET Associates (Advanced Tech'y.) (Vienna, VA) [Aug. 2005]
  • Alan L. Cox
    The Implementation and Evaluation of a Coherent Memory Abstraction for NUMA Multiprocessors
    Rice University [Oct 1999]
  • Nigel H. Goddard
    The Perception of Articulated Motion: Recognizing Moving Light Displays
    U. Edinburgh, Inst. for Adaptive & Neural Computation; and
    Axiope Ltd. (Edinburgh) [July 2004]
  • Brian D. Marsh
    Multi-Model Parallel Programming
    Redfin (Seattle area) [Nov. 2005]
  • Lata Narayanan
    Selection, Sorting and Routing on Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays
    Concordia University [August 2002]
  • Jun Tarui
    Low-Degree Polynomials and Shallow Circuits: Algebraic Methods in Computational Complexity
    University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo [Feb 2000]
  • Steven D. Whitehead
    Reinforcement Learning for the Adaptive Control of Perception and Action
    Verizon [July 2007]


  • Lawrence A. Crowl
    Architectural Adaptability in Parallel Programming
    Google [May 2006]
  • Sanjay Jain
    Learning in the Presence of Additional Information and Inaccurate Information
    National University of Singapore [Nov. 2005]
  • Cesar A. Quiroz
    Systematic Detection of Parallelism in Ordinary Programs
    Intel [July 2008]
  • Patrice Y. Simard
    Learning State Space Dynamics in Recurrent Networks
    Microsoft Research [Nov 1999]


  • Peter C. Dibble
    A Parallel Interleaved File System
    TimeSys Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA) [Aug. 2005]
  • Neal M. Gafter
    Parallel Incremental Compilation
    Google (Mountain View, CA) [August 2004]
  • Leo B. Hartman
    Decision Theory and the Cost of Planning
    Canadian Space Agency [July 2003]
  • Elizabeth A. Hinkelman
    Linguistic and Pragmatic Constraints on Utterance Interpretation
    Galactic Village Games [Aug. 2004]
  • Michael J. Swain
    Color Indexing
    athenahealth (Watertown, MA) [July 2006]
  • Sue-Ken Yap
    Programming Environment for Graphical User Interfaces
    CISRA (Australia) [Dec 1999]


  • Paul R. Cooper
    Parallel Object Recognition from Structure (The Tinkertoy Project)
    MDA Space Missions (Brampton, Ontario) [Aug. 2005]
  • Richard A. Floyd
    Transparency in Distributed File Systems
    retired [August 2004]
  • Stuart A. Friedberg
    Hierarchical Process Composition--Dynamic Maintenance of Structure in a Distributed Environment
    IBM NUMA-Q [Dec 1999]
  • Johannes A. Koomen
    Reasoning About Recurrence
    Xerox Webster & U. Rochester [July 2005]
  • John Mellor-Crummey
    Debugging and Analysis of Large-Scale Parallel Programs
    Rice University CSD [June 2006]
  • Thomas J. Olson
    An Architectural Model of Visual Motion Understanding
    Texas Instruments [Aug. 2007]
  • Laura A. Sanchis
    Language Instance Generation and Test Case Construction for NP-Hard Problems
    Deceased, April 2006
  • Jay Weber
    Principles and Algorithms for Causal Reasoning with Uncertainty
    commerceNet [July 2003]
  • Susan Hollbach Weber
    A Structured Connectionist Approach to Direct Inferences and Figurative Adjective-Noun Combinations
    U. Stanford School of Medicine [July 2003]


  • Paul Bao-Luo Chou
    The Theory and Practice of Bayesian Image Labeling
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center [October 2002]
  • Mark A. Fanty
    Learning in Structured Connectionist Networks
    Nuance Communications, Inc. [June 2006]
  • George Hauser
    Communication Complexity
    Pacific Lutheran University [Feb 2000]
  • Ronald P. Loui
    Theory and Computation of Uncertain Inference and Decision
    Cycorp (Cleveland, OH) [June 2009]
  • Richard N. Pelavin
    A Formal Logic for Planning with Concurrent Actions and External Events
  • David B. Sher
    A Probabilistic Approach to Low-Level Vision
    Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY [July 2003]
  • Josh D. Tenenberg
    Abstraction in Planning
    U. Washington, Tacoma [Aug. 2005]


  • John Aloimonos
    Computing Intrinsic Images
    University of Maryland [Oct 1999]
  • Amit Bandopadhay
    A Computational Study of Rigid Motion Perception
    independent software consultant [Nov 2002]
  • Alan M. Frisch
    Knowledge Retrieval as Specialized Inference
    University of York [August 2002]
  • Henry A. Kautz
    A Formal Theory of Plan Recognition
    University of Rochester [Sept. 2007]
  • Richard E. Newman
    Communication Issues in Parallel Computation
    University of Florida at Gainesville [Sept. 2005]


  • Diane J. Litman
    Plan Recognition and Discourse Analysis: An Integrated Approach for Understanding Dialogues
    U. Pittsburgh, Computer Science Dept. [Aug. 2005]
  • Lokendra Shastri
    Evidential Reasoning in Semantic Networks: A Formal Theory and its Parallel Implementation
    Int'l. Computer Science Inst., Berkeley [Sep 1999]


  • Garrison W. Cottrell
    A Connectionist Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
    University of California at San Diego [June 2006]
  • Daniel M. Russell
    Schema-Based Problem Solving
    Google (CA) [Aug. 2005]


  • Sanjaya Addanki
    Applications of Connectionist Modeling to Motor Control Systems
    Omnibus Systems (London) [August 2002]
  • James Heliotis
    Language Constructs for the Management of Distributed Computations
    Rochester Institute of Technology [Aug. 2006]
  • Mark Kahrs
    Silicon Compilation of Very High Level Languages
    U. Pittsburgh, Electrical Engg. Dept. [July 2002]
  • Yuki Watanabe
    IC Layout Generation and Compaction Using Mathematical Optimization
    Lehman Brothers (New York, NY)[August 2007 ]


  • John Eugene Ball
    Program Improvement by the Selective Integration of Procedure Calls
    retired [August 2002]
  • Joseph Bryan Lyles
    Uniform Interfaces to Distributed Systems
    Telecordia (div. of SAIC) [Aug. 2004]


  • Arun Arya
    Super: Encapsulated Autonomous Distributed
    Computations on an Abstract Architecture

    [Aug 2002]
  • Andrew Haas
    Planning Mental Actions
    SUNY at Albany [Aug 1999]
  • Daniel Sabbah
    A Connectionist Approach to Visual Recognition
    IBM (GM, Rational Software) [Aug. 2006]
  • Robert Schudy
    Harmonic Surfaces and Parametric Image Operators: Their Use in Locating the Moving Endocardial Ultrasound Data
    Metropolitan College, Boston U. [June 2006]
  • Peter Selfridge
    Reasoning about Success and Failure in Aerial Image Understanding
    SET Associates (Vienna, VA) [Dec. 2004]
  • Edward Smith
    Debugging Techniques for Communicating Loosely-Coupled Processes
    Loyola Marymount University, School of Film and Television (MFA grad student) [June 2008]


  • Anil Nigam
    A Specification and Proof Technique for Message-Based Systems and Its Application to Distributed Database Algorithms
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center [Aug. 2004]
  • Donald Perlis
    Language, Computation, and Reality
    University of Maryland [Nov. 2005]
  • Uri Shani
    Understanding Three Dimensional Images: The Recognition of Abdominal Anatomy from Computer Axial Tomograms (CAT)
    IBM Haifa Research Lab [Aug. 2005]


  • Ilya Gertner
    Performance Evaluation of Communicating Processes
    Aerospace Corp. [July 2006]
  • Keith A. Lantz
    Uniform Interfaces for Distributed Systems
    Cisco Systems, Inc. (San Jose, CA) [Dec 1999]
  • Joseph T. Maleson (deceased)
    Texture in Natural Images
  • Richard F. Rashid
    LIGHTS: A System for Interpretation of Moving Light Displays
    Microsoft Research [Nov 2000]
  • Jonathan E. Shopiro
    A Very High Level Language and Optimized Implementation Design for Relational Databases
    In*Sight Massage [June 2006]
  • Graeme J. Williams
    Program Checking
    IBS America [June 2006]

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