CSC 173 Home Page

"To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite..."

-- Shelly

"...but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

-- Tennyson

"We are only undefeated
Because we have gone on trying..."

-- Eliot

What, when, where

Thanks to 173 '12 Alum Dan Scarafoni, this class had and may still have a Facebook Group.

CRN 	Course 	  Title		        	Term 	Credits
XXXX 	CSC 173   COMP & FORMAL SYSTEMS 	Fall13 	4.0 

Day 	Begin 	End 	Building 	Room
TR 	1400 	1515 	LATT    	201

WS Leaders
Dmitri Ostapenko 
Rebecca Galasso 

  Qing Guo 
Christian Christian 
Yang Yu 
Hassler Thurston 
Kuan Wang 

(More details (like office hours) at "Administration -> TAs, Instructor" link).

Syllabus and Schedule

What is 173?

Administration Syllabus and Schedule, Grading, TA and Instructor.

Projects and Exercises Descriptions and Examples

Readings Some suggested material.

Various Resources

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