11 Oct. 2015 7-10

Cover Art

Used in the 2015 Edition of URCS's Multicast newsletter. (Possibly newsletter will be posted in future on URCS Newletters.). Meantime, here it is: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

More theatre, etc. pix here.

Images and Student Comments (Marty Guenther)

PPT Slide Show

Remarks, Roasts, Remembrances from Audience

Monolog (Chris Brown)


Musical Interlude

Hard Cider Bluegrass ca. 1989: (Chris Brown, banjo. URCS Alum Peter Dibble, bass.)
Grandfather's Clock

Algo-Rhythms: Marty Tried

Personell: (Pawlicki, Nelson, Brown, Guenther, volunteers...)

21-sec video (thanks to Prof. Chen Ding)


Original: Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)

Randal Nelson: Code, you hackers, code


Ted Pawlicki: Bad, Bad, CB Brown


Photo Gallery

Gift presentation from the department: Recursive and Escheresque, Thanks to all!

Suzanne Bell


Amit Singhal, CB, Jiebo Luo

Impressions of and by the cake's icing (thanks, Eileen) on container tops.