Easy do-it-yourself things to fix on a Hobie 16

Advise from rec.boats. The hairdrier/sopay water leakfixing is highly recommended. I used a vaccuum cleaner instead tho. Just be careful not to over water proof the hull. It has to be able to "breathe" a little otherwise the hulls will explode/impode from heat expansion of the air inside. In the H18 this "breather hole" is under the front crossbar. In the 16 I think it is in one of the pylons.
  From: STU@mwvm.mitre.org
  >1: one of the hull leaks. (The guy who sold it told me it didn't; so much for
  My 1978 Hobie leaked slowly for years - in fact, they all seem to just a
  little.  Try adding some silicon grease to the "O" ring on the hull plugs -
  and silicon the tops of the hull/tramp joint - and learn to live with the
  leak.  Even after a day of hard sailing, you shouldn't accumulate more than
  1/2 pint or so - I bash mine around quite a bit, have replaced most of the
  gell coat with woven roving (lots of beach landings), and kept the leak
  down to about 1 quart/day/hull at its worst.
  Even full, the boat won't sink - I tried it when a hurricane approached,
  thinking that the bottom would be the safest place - I put a hose in each
  hull, sucked out all the air, and the boat sunk to the tramp - fine for
  the hurricane, but it really looked funny when I raised it after the storm.
  >2: The boat squeeks quite a bit in waves. Maybe a little squeek is unaviodable
  Try tightening the tramp - most of the rigidity in the boat comes from the
  lacing - and the boat works quite a bit if the lacing is loose.  Also, try
  adding some silicon to the tops of the hulls - that may also help with (2).
  From mgphl@atldbs.dbsoftware.com 
      As for the squeaks:
  	I bought a shim package (brass or bronze) and remounted the posts
       for the trapeze.  I also replaced the nylon nuts with stainless steel
       nuts that had nylon lock inserts.  Then get some really strong friends
      (or at least friends with really strong hands) and tighten up the lacing
       of the trapeze.  All this helped quiet my 16 several years ago.
      The leak can also be around the posts.  How fast does it take on water?
      If its not a lot, sometimes you are better off living with leak and just
      draining the hull each time/day/etc.
  From dfa@triple-i.com 
  >I recently bought a Hobie 16. It's great fun to sail, but I have two problems:
  >1: one of the hull leaks. (The guy who sold it told me it didn't; so much for
  >that.) I suspect the leak has something to do with the plug and rudder 
  >attachments. Can I take those off, or won't I be able to get them on again?
  >Ho do I get them off? Just unscrew?
  >Since the hull is all closed I suspect I would be in trouble if they had
  >free nuts or something on the back.
  When I got my 16, it leaked quite a bit so I went over to a marine shop and
  they did a "leak test" for me.  That consisted of a batch of really soapy 
  water, simple green and water, and a hair dryer.  take a sponge and sponge 
  the water on the hull and point the hair dryer in the hole where the drain 
  goes( about 2" away).  The leaks in the hull will start to foam.  After you
  fix the leaks in the gelcoat get a good silicon glue and seal around the pylons,
  drain pluge casings, and gudgeons.  Don't try to take the gudgeons off unless
  it appears that you can't fix the leak and it is definatly coming from there.
  The leak test and a good amount of silicon will probably fix you problem.
  >2: The boat squeeks quite a bit in waves. Maybe a little squeek is unaviodable
  >because of the construction, but one hull seems a little bit more loose than
  >the other where it attaches to the aluminium profile square. How can I
  >make the joint more rigid? Anyone tried just silicone to make it quiet?
  Try tightening the tramp.  Although you will always have some sort of squeak
  in chop.

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