Jonathan Gordon

PhD Candidate / Dept of Computer Science / University of Rochester



My research is on artificial intelligence: I study techniques to automatically learn commonsense knowledge from text and refine it to be suitable for reasoning.

My advisor is Lenhart Schubert. My other doctoral committee members are James Allen (CS), Gregory Carlson (Depts of Linguistics and Philosophy), and Daniel Gildea (CS). Collaborators on my primary research have included Benjamin Van Durme (now at Johns Hopkins HLTCOE), Fabrizio Morbini (now at USC ISI), and Karl Stratos (now at Columbia).

I’m the organizer for SKIL, a weekly lab meeting and reading group. If you’re interested in knowledge, inference, and language, you should attend!


“You know, when I was a lad they called it AI. Artificial intelligence.”

Hackworth allowed himself a tight, narrow, and brief smile. “Well, there’s something to be said for cheekiness, I suppose.”

– Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age

Updated 19 March 2014.