Assignment #5 - Multiple Choices

Submit a preliminary report by November 25 (Tuesday).

Demo on December 9 (Tuesday).

Optional presentation on December 10 (Wednesday).

This is an individual assignment, so each person should work on his/her own.

Assignment description:

In this assignment, you can choose one of four topics that are given below.

Preliminary report:

By November 25 (Tuesday), you need to submit (using the electronic turn-in) a preliminary report. We will not grade the preliminary report but we need to see evidence that you have made good progress by that time. In the preliminary report, you should indicate your assignment topic. Since we've only provided rough descriptions for these topics above, we would also like to see specific design and work scope you've developed (e.g., the prioritization strategy in your focused-topic Web crawler, the fault tolerance design of your multicast system, your bandwidth measurement algorithm for unstable wireless networks, and how you plan to connect your Gnutella client to the global Gnutella network). The preliminary report should be in the PDF format. Please indicate your name and email address in the report. And note that all turn-ins are done through the electronic turn-in facility. Do NOT send us email attachments.


You need to set up a 30-minute demo with the TA on December 9 (Tuesday). We will open up the demo signup process shortly after we see your preliminary project reports. In the demo you need to show us how your solution works (or partially works) with your own test cases. (Prepare the testing cases before the demo!) We may ask you to run some of our own test cases and ask some questions about your design & implementation.

By the time of your demo, you should turn in your source files, a makefile if needed, and a final report. The final report should be expanded from your preliminary report. It should clearly describe your overall design, any implementation detail that you deem interesting, as well as how your programs should be compiled and run. When appropriate (for some assignments), your report should also describe the analysis result for the assignment. In addition to electronically turning in the final report, please also prepare a printed copy ready at the beginning of your demo.

Optional presentation:

There may be an opportunity to present the results of your project at the class on December 10 (Wednesday). The class time is limited so we will only be able to accommodate a few presentations. Please let the instructor know your interests in making a project presentation. Presentation slots will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. A successful presentation will earn you up to 10% extra credit on the assignment grade.

Late turn-in policy:

At the absence of any emergency, you must make your arranged demo time. Otherwise you will get no points for this assignment.