Course Project

Project proposal due by April 18 (Friday).

Project demo on May 2 (Friday), May 7 (Wednesday), or May 8 (Thursday).

For the course project, you can choose from the choices that are given below. You may also propose a new topic that you have particular interests in. If needed, the instructor may help you to define a specific scope. Any topic would be appropriate as long as it is substantially related to parallel and distributed systems.

You can either work individually on your project, or work in a team of two. A project team of more than two persons is possible, but you will need to obtain an approval from the instructor before forming a three (or more)-person team.

Project management and turn-in:

You need to submit a project proposal on or before April 18 (Friday) using the electronic turn-in facility. The proposal must be in the PDF format. In the proposal, you should describe concrete goals of your project, any related materials from papers and web resources, and anything else you feel relevant. Please provide sufficient details in the project proposal to demonstrate your preparation for the project. Please make sure to specify all project participants in the proposal.

You need to set up a 30-minute demo on either May 2 (Friday), May 7 (Wednesday), or May 8 (Thursday). We will make an announcement when you can start signing up for a demo slot. In the demo you need to show us how your project works (or partially works) with your own test cases. (Prepare the testing cases before the demo!) We may ask you to run some additional test cases and ask some questions about your design & implementation.

By the time of your demo, you should turn in a project report. The project report should clearly describe your overall design, implementation details, and analysis of your results. In addition to electronically turning in the project report, please also prepare a printed copy at the demo time.

List of possible project topics:

Again, you do not have to choose from the following list. You can propose a new topic as long as the topic is substantially related to parallel computing or distributed systems. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your proposed project topic, please contact the instructor.

Some of the following project topics have sponsor professors other than the course instructor. If you choose such a topic, please contact the sponsor professor to establish a working relationship for your course project.