Assignment #3 - Big Data Survey (No Programming)

Due by 11:59pm, Wednesday, October 23.

Please direct your questions to the instructor about this assignment.

In this assignment, you will write a survey paper on a big data-related topic of your choice. All the topics discussed in our classes so far are certainly appropriate. Additional topics include, but are not limited to, other big data application areas, big data programming models, data management and storage, as well as computer system issues for big data applications. If your current study or work relates directly to a big data application area, that may be a great topic for your survey paper. If you have questions on the appropriateness of your selected topic, please contact the instructor.

A good survey typically builds on a broad review of related materials on the topic, but it also requires careful summarization of existing work and ideas for future extensions. We will use our discretion to assign a grade based on the breadth and depth of your survey paper. The breadth is evaluated on the degree of your paper's coverage of important issues on the survey topic. The depth is evaluated on your paper's capture of insights that are not widely known. The depth is also evaluated on the strength of your novel ideas (if any) to enhance the state of art on the survey topic.

A recommended length of the survey paper is 3000 words, although you should make your own judgment on the appropriate length of your paper. Please make sure that your paper has an appropriate title and a short abstract that summarizes the paper's content and findings.

It goes without saying that you must write every part of your paper on your own. Much of your survey describes others' work, but you must use your own words. Please make sure that you make proper citations when describing others' work (again, always using your own words).


You are asked to turn in your survey paper. Note that the submitted paper must be in PDF format. You should electronically turn in the paper. Instructions for electronic turn-in can be found on the course Web site.

Late turn-in policy:

Late turn-ins will be accepted for up to three days, with 10% penalty for each late day. No turn-ins more than three-day late will be accepted.