Course Project

Project demo on December 11 (Wednesday) and December 12 (Thursday).

Project proposal due on November 21 (Thursday).

You will perform a final course project on a big data-related topic. You can either work individually or form a group of two.

You are free to select your own project topic, as long as it is substantially related to big data computer systems. You may also leverage your past work (on another course project or a research study), in which case you must disclose such relevance and explain the new work you plan to do for this project. To help you select a project topic, we provide below a list of possible ideas for you to consider. Again, you are welcome to search beyond these suggested topics for your project.

Please speak to the instructor for any questions or consultation on the topic and/or scope of your project. The best time for such talks are the instructor's office hours and the time right after the classes. Meetings at other time can also be accommodated.


You must email a project proposal to the instructor by November 21 (Thursday). In the proposal, you must specify your team members. You should then describe concrete topics and goals (including the scope of expected work) of your project. It'd also be helpful to identify the datasets and tools to be used in your work. Please use "CSC296/576 Project proposal" in the subject line of your project proposal email. Failure to email the project proposal on time will result in a 20% loss of your project grade. The instructor will try to provide some feedback to your project proposal. Note that your proposal doesn't need to be perfect. In fact you won't lose any point on it as long as you email it by the deadline. We are using this mechanism to make sure you start the work early and to assess the direction of your project work.

The final completion of your project will be primarily examined by a 20-minute demo. The TA will send out information on how to set up a demo slot.

You are also asked to prepare a project report which should explain your work and findings. Please make sure that you have a hard copy of the project report ready at the beginning of your demo.

You should electronically turn in your source files, a makefile if needed, and the project report before or right after your demo.

Late turn-in policy:

At the absence of any emergency, you must make your arranged demo time. Otherwise you will get no points for the course project.