Robot Lab Rules

The robot lab contains machinery, equipment, and materials that can be dangerous if misused or used without proper training and protocols. It is also a compact space used by many different people. The following rules are intended to ensure a safe environment that remains accessible and functional to all users. Violation of the rules is grounds for loss of lab privileges, and possible University sanctions if misuse of the facilities creates a danger to the user or others.

The lab primary director is Prof. Randal Nelson: email; emergency phone 742-8848 (UR), and 473-2321 (home). Secondary director is Prof. Ted Pawlicki: email

Lab Access:

Respect for other users and lab facilities:

Training for, and use of machinery and equipment:

A final word:

If in doubt about anything, ask a lab director. Don't "assume" an activity is OK just because it is not explicitly prohibited here. Use of common sense, and basic respect for other users and equipment is expected. Demonstrated lack any of these in the opinion of a lab director is grounds for revocation of lab privileges.


Role / Reason for access

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