Currently, I am a graduate student at University of Rochester , Department of Computer Science, pursuing PhD degree. My advisor is Prof. Jiebo Luo. Before coming to UR, I got my bachelor degree at University of Science and Technology of China, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science (0806).


My research interests include deep learning, vision & language, image annotation and video analytics.

Selected Publications

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Industry Experiences


2015 Spring

CSC 458 Parallel and Distributed Systems Instructor: Sandhya Dwarkadas

2014 Spring

BST 512 Topics in Statistical Inference II: Advanced Bayesian Inference Instructor: Sally Thurston

2013 Fall

CSC 448 Statistical Speech and Language Processing Instructor: Danial Gildea
CSC 466 GPU Parallel Programming using C/C++ Instructor: Tolga Soyata

2013 Spring

CSC 446 Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Instructor: Danial Gildea
CSC 484 Advanced Algorithms Instructor: Danial Stefankovic

2012 Fall

CSC 400 Problem Seminar Instructor: Randal C. Nelson CSC 456 Operating Systems Instructor: Sandhya Dwarkadas CSC 486 Computational Complexity Instructor: Joel I. Seiferas
CAS 085 Academic English Communication and Accent Reduction Course Instructor: Rebecca Allen

Online Courses

Machine Learning Course Link Instructor: Andrew Ng
Convex Optimization I Course Link Instructor: Stephen P. Boyd
Probabilistic Graphical Models Course Link Statement of Accomplishment Instructor: Daphne Koller

Teaching Assistant

2015 Fall

CSC 576 Modern (Computational) Approaches to Big Data Analytics Instructor: Ji Liu

2014 Spring

CSC 246/446 Machine Learning Instructor: Danial Gildea

2013 Fall

CSC 248/448 Statistical Speech and Language Processing Instructor: Danial Gildea

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