URCS Web Server Announcement on comp.infosystems.announce.www

Here is the anouncement of the URCS web server on the USENET newsgroup comp.infosystems.announce.www:

From: fergu...@cs.rochester.edu (George Ferguson)
Date: Fri, Jan 7 1994 1:31 pm
Groups:	comp.infosystems.www

I'm happy to announce the availablity of a WWW server (NCSA httpd-1.0)
at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Rochester
in Rochester, NY. The department home page URL is:
You'll find personal home pages, our department brochure, our online
TR collection, and access to our FTP area, among other things. For
those of you with browsers that support imagemaps (eg., Mosaic), try
our department Subway Map:

A note of thanks to Rob McCool for making httpd so easy to build,
install, and use.